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Blogging for Devs

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry
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    Thanks for sharing, Rosie! I hope the material is useful for anyone who's wanting to learn more about writing content and SEO :)

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    This is amazing @momoko. I've already subscribed! For those wondering about her credibility, I think she just updated her landing page with proof:

    Blogging For Devs Traffic

    This is from her page.

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      Hey! Thanks for sharing. This has been there the whole time :) Looking forward to hear what you think of the content.

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    blog is the best option for drive traffic. You can see my new tool blog and get some help

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    I'm using it for my chair blog here
    You can see.

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    Looks cool! I'm trying to start writing more, so it comes at a convenient time. Will definitely check it out. :)

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    Just signed up! Looking forward to getting advice regarding this topic.

    Just graduated from college a few months ago, and I have a job now. but I'd love to build an audience and sell my own products.

    Thanks @momoko!

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    This is awesome. Have been getting these over the weekend and as someone who insanely benefits from content marketing and SEO, these are really great bits of knowledge, even if you've been playing the content game for a while.

    Thanks for this!

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      Thanks for being a beta tester and for all your awesome advice so far, Dom!

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    EDIT: Solved: privacy badger blocked converkit, apparently

    I got an error trying to put my email: Oops, try again?

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      Are you on firefox? Someone told me last night that there is a CORS error for firefox! If you disable JavaScript or use chrome it should work, sorry 'bout that.

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        I'm on Chrome, but I use the Privacy Badger extension. And it was blocking
        I just disabled that and then submitted my email

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          Thanks, I updated the error message to include this tip in case other people are using this extension. I got the same feedback on Twitter! Appreciate you letting me know.

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    This site has almost no traffic. On what site does Monica have "blog posts have been read over ONE MILLION people to date"?

    I don't like to be critical but there's no useful content here. It's just some bold claims (on a site with no Alexa ranking) and an email signup link.

    There's nothing about development, either. Why is this promotion here?

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      if you follow her work you know she has credibility. she could do better demonstrating authority but imo you're making too quick of a snap judgment here

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        Be reasonable. I encounter countless sites making claims. It's not on me to do more than a 5 minute investigation on any one site that has almost no traffic. Even 5 minutes is generous.

        Most importantly, this article offered nothing constructive. Now that the author has seen my comment, that may change. But when I saw it, it was just a promotional with an email signup.

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          Yeah, I also initially linked it in a Twitter thread with some blogging tips. If you are interested in blogging and getting more traffic via SEO, maybe you'll find it helpful:

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            That's talking about the same secret blog, though. After you get the privacy issues sorted and are willing to share the site you're using for social proof, then maybe 😂.

            Right now the thing that's most interesting is your Twitter following. 9K isn't bad!

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      Please bear in mind that I posted this link because Monica (to me) has at least some credibility and I often see developers struggling with with blogging, so I thought it might be useful to some people.

      I thought me posting it would have brought some credibility too.

      I don't feel like these comments are helpful to anyone. It would be different and perhaps more appropriate if she had posted in the Landing Page Feedback group specifically asking for feedback.

      I feel sad that I posted the link and now Monica feels the need to come in and defend and justify her work.

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        I don't feel like these comments are helpful to anyone.

        I feel sad that you feel this way. I find similar comments in similar situations very helpful. The link gave zero value (to me, at least) and TBH looks like spam. I did in fact check it out because it came from you, but there just wasn't anything actionable there. It was just a landing page on a site with big claims and almost no traffic.

        As always, I'm trying to help improve the signal to noise ratio for the community and sometimes that means a critical comment or report on a particularly extreme case such as this one (or Ryan Kulp's sales page, presented as a gift, long ago).

        I understand you work for IH, so I guess there's not much more I can say. I regret clicking through or commenting on it at all. I'll just ask that you try to approach the link as a user who knew nothing of the context you had around the link / signup form since that's going to be the case for 99% of us.

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      Hey :) I create this domain especially for this project, and posted it on twitter. My followers already know about my blogging experience as I've tweeted about it before, hence I didn't feel the need to provide more proof than a screenshot.

      I would share the Alexa page I just found but now i'm realizing my DNS records have visible my personal I'm gonna fix that first.

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        Ah, in that case maybe share a link for credibility for those of us who find it second hand!

        Alexa ranks sites by usage. Amazon runs it but it's not related to their other Alexa. E.g. IH's Alexa rank is 8464. Reddit's is 19. Google's is 1. My site is just under 1 million.

        Alexa rank isn't the perfect measure, but it is a quick signal of how popular a site is. Which blog did you have a million readers on?

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          I thought that the Google Analytics screenshot was enough for credibility? Did you not see that? I promise I didn't like doctor the photo...

          Alexa says my site is 150,000 in rank. However, I don't know if it was higher or lower before, because the pandemic has eaten almost 90% of the traffic. and revenue (the topic is travel and photography...doesn't work when no one can leave the house). That's why I have some free time, as I'm not motivated to work on it right now :/

          As I said, I want to get my address removed before providing a direct link. I thought that Whois Guard would prevent that we are.

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            I see... Hopefully you can understand how I don't find much value in a sign up form that leans heavily on the credibility of the traffic generated by a secret site.

            I'm not saying I think you're dishonest. It's just that there are a lot of claims online, a lot of BS screenshots and this particular blog post is basically a landing page. The online marketer / growth guru niche is one of the most jaded.

            If I were following you on Twitter and knew I could learn from you, then it would be an easy choice to sign up. As it is, though, this is basically just forum spam. Not your fault, since you didn't submit it. Definitely not a good submission, though, given the missing context. IMO almost any landing page is a rough submission for a forum.

            I realize you probably weren't even targeting IH with this, but if you were, then here are two things that would help:

            1. Externally verifiable credibility (e.g. writing it on a high-traffic site)
            2. Useful content! Even if I have no idea who you are, if your blog post teaches me something, I'm likely to subscribe!
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              I get your point. I'm really just trying to share the advice I give to my friends in a more scalable way without allowing it to take over the time I need to dedicate to my other projects (hence, a newsletter instead of writing blog posts).

              And no, I didn't submit it to IH but I think it's nice that Rosie did. A lot of developers don't have this basic knowledge about SEO or writing content that gets shared, but it would probably help their side projects if they did.

              Thanks for your feedback, though. But I'll admit it's kinda demoralizing when you try to do something for free to help people and you're met with such cynicism.

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                A lot of developers don't have this basic knowledge about SEO or writing content that gets shared, but it would probably help their side projects if they did.

                What knowledge about SEO or writing content? I didn't see any in the linked blog post.

                Thanks for your feedback, though. But I'll admit it's kinda demoralizing when you try to do something for free to help people and you're met with such cynicism.

                It's not cynicism. It's just kinda demoralizing as a forum user when you click through to a link with high hopes and find nothing but unverifiable claims and a sign up form.

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                  GTFO - just because you're jaded doesn't mean everyone else is. Nobody has to prove anything to you. If you don’t like it just move on. Relationships go both ways. What value are you adding here? If I was her I wouldn't offer to teach you anything at this point.

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                    I don't really appreciate the personal attack, especially after bending over backwards to make it clear I had no issue with the author or even the piece, just its value as a submission for those of us not familiar with the author.

                    What value are you adding here?

                    Two things:

                    • I let the community know that the page promising to teach how to get lots of traffic has almost no traffic.
                    • I made a concrete, constructive suggestion for the author about what would make the post compelling to a cold audience and increase the signup % on that landing page—linking to the page for social proof.
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      Hey! Can you tell me why you don't see HTTPS? This is hosted on netlify and it should definitely be https.

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