Legal, Tax, and Accounting January 24, 2020 Register your business in the US from your phone!


Hi Everyone and Happy Friday!

We ( help tech entrepreneurs and Indiehackers around the world register their business in the US (As an LLC or C-Corp) while providing additional services:

-Free Registered Agent
-US Business Bank account
-US Address + Mail Forwarding
-Personal Dashboard.

Best of all there is no hidden or complex fees, it's just a one-time fixed price!

Our main goal at Blook is to take care of the bureaucracy and paperwork while providing great customer service so you can continue focusing on building your business :) We make it so simple that you can even do it from your phone!

For the rest of the month we're offering $50 off our package to help everyone get jump-started for the new year!

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    Do you have any promo for IndieHackers and honest review :) ?

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