November 12, 2019

Blueprint for SaaS success

Pete @innov8or

Just wondering if there are any all in one tools/solutions to help model out the journey towards a successful SaaS business (or else towards failure, quickly) ?

Something that might cover some of the core elements, such as stuff like;
Business model canvas

I'm working on a new project which is a software automation plugin for Sketchapp, basically, it is already off the ground and has some customers already.

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    A framework that has a large following and body of evidence supporting its effectiveness which I've come to follow is MJ DeMarco's CENTS entrepreneurial framework. It stands for Control, Entry, Need, Time, and Scale. While not specific to any industry, its specific toward its goal which is to build a product which will generate income for you regardless of the amount of time you put into it.

    He outlined it in great detail in his two books, but you can learn about it in a post he made on his forum here:

    Let me know if this helps.

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      It's good stuff. I think the area as mentioned below where things could begin is simply validation quantified.

      I ll search thru there later. Surely this has been defined.

      I see it as an example , if I show a 100 targetted customers a decent landing page for their need and get a 20% willing to enter their email, that's a great sign of early validation. Then if from that cohort 30% become paid customers that would prove that 7% of targetted market could become paid customers and so long as CPA isn't grossly overt, validation is done.

      Loose example but the framework remains.

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      Sounds amazing, thanks

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    If you could build a tool that would somehow validate ideas, you would make a lot of money! lol

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      Yes I think that is worth doing and an easier MVP to target. Anyone interested?

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    Hi Pete,

    What you're describing reminded me of Martin Bell's endeavours.

    You should check out:

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    Any “blueprint for [insert thing here] success” doesn’t exist. If it did we would all have successful businesses.

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      I disagree. A McDonalds franchise basis it's success on blueprints of a quality practise. A university architect uses construction guidelines , aka blueprints so the Google building don't fall down and we lose the interwebberz for a day.
      It's all about increasing probability, not a magic pill.

      Btw it's not just a blueprint for success, it's a road to fail quickly.

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        That's very different. Yes, mcdonalds can have a blueprint for THEIR business.

        But there is not a "Blueprint for successful fast food chain business".

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    Seems like a super broad idea, and I question how valuable it would be. What are current people using? What is the market size for prospective Saas founders?

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