Bookmarking Tweets

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    I really like this feature! I have problems finding tweets that I like. In the past I had to retweet it so I can find it easier.

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    An alernative is pinboard.in, which can save copies of tweets, even if they are deleted.

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    Anyone got a library of good bookmarks ?

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      I made an application that lets you share URL lists, its free.

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      Hey @orliesaurus, making public collections is the next step for bkmark.io and I'll make sure to share loads of good bookmarks in my public collections.

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    Cool Stuff! Reminds me of what I was trying to do with https://lunarpin.com

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    A handy tool for those looking to bookmark things via Twitter.

    Made by an indie hacker, @boristane 😇

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      Awesome work @boristane

      The best solution I've seen so far for this.

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        Thanks Kieran! I'm working on making it even better 👍

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      Thank you for sharing Rosie! Much much much appreciated 🤩 🤩 🤩

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    For me the toughest part is always coming back to those Tweets that I saved. Adding tags and notes sounds like a very smart way to solve this problem.

    Another approach I'm working on with favo.so is to email me once a week with one of my previously liked Tweets. Right now it's totally random but I do plan to add some sort of intelligence to it.

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