Books on social, business and/or behavioral psychology


are there any psychology books you would recommend that could be used in and for products or a business itself, e.g. building an app with a freemium model and make the user spend a bunch of money?

I would like to deepen my relatively basic knowledge regarding this topic and find out if I could increase sales or even acquire more users using simple and effective techniques.

P.S. I recently ordered Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahnemann but haven’t read it at this point.

Thank you for any suggestion!

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    Not to discourage you, but a lot of psychological studies which is mentioned in these kind of books (Kahnemann, included) use quite questionable methodology or outright shams. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Replication_crisis
    Having said that, I have found Priceless: The Myth of Fair Value (and How to Take Advantage of It) quite an interesting read. Especially because it has a lot of industry examples, not just theory or retelling the research.

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      sounds like a good read, thank you!

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    Building a StoryBrand is at the top of my list these days. Does a great job of discussing how you should be positioning yourself in relation to your customer (you're the guide, they are the hero). Ton of additional content out there between their app, web courses, podcast and all of the randos out there that are discussing it on non-affiliate blogs.

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      Haha this was already on my list 😁 but it’s more kind of a storytelling Book, isn’t it?
      What I am looking for is the psychology of why people do what they do and why they for example tend to spend more money if they first have to purchase virtual money in a game to then buy other virtual things instead of directly pay with real cash.

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        "I am looking for is the psychology of why people do what they do" - I can recommend https://www.amazon.de/Actionable-Gamification-Beyond-Points-Leaderboards/dp/1511744049/

        In my opinion it's the single best framework on human motivation.

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          Nice this was already on my reading list for a while! Thank you, now I know what to read earlier than planned.

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        Ah I getcha, definitely not as on the nose for that specific example.

        So yes and no, they delve into /why/ they recommend telling the stories the way they do, so there is a psychological element to how the way you tell the stories works / how it can resonate (or not) with customers and such.

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