April 3, 2019

BootStrapp Launch!

Bootstrapp @BootStrapp

Finally pulled all of the pieces together and launched my side-project:
It's a a library of tutorials, resources, and most importantly, people, that will supercharge the growth of your bootstrapped startup.

I know that a launch is meaningless in its own right, but I wanted to get it out there, and start the journey. Day 23, over and out.


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    Great idea to bring these resources into one place!

    I watched some of the business model video and I liked it. You have good pace, seem to understand the subject matter well and also provide some interesting background to the business model.

    Here's my feedback :)

    Comments on the concept:

    • When I click on the website, it's not clear to me what it is. I see two different taglines, one that it's a library as you mentioned and another says it's a "community and education site". It looks like you provide courses that help people plan and run their businesses, so I think you could simplify your messaging to express that. Maybe try "Simple business courses for bootstrappers" or something.
    • I think it helps people know who they're being taught by and why. Case studies help but failing that, some information on what results people can expect from taking these courses. Look at other course websites like Codecademy Pro, Udemy etc. for inspiration on how to do this. Maybe put it into a short 1 minute video right at the top of the home page?
    • The About section mentions Thomas Rush, who seems very qualified to be doing this but isn't mentioned anywhere on the home page. Are you Thomas? Put Thomas on the home page! #bringhimhome

    My comments on the design (I'm viewing on mobile):

    • The hero section needs contrast. The black text on that background image does not stand out too well.
    • Does the background image of a guy in a shirt and tie represent your target, ie bootstrappers? I'm not sure 😅
    • The logo itself makes me think of...a fashion company? I would use a sans serif font based logo or you could keep it very simple at this point with just text in bold font. Also, on mobile, the menu bar is below the logo. Move it to the same line!
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      This is unbelievably helpful! Thank you @sarwech. It's so appreciated and I'm going to incorporate your feedback right now.

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        Nice, it's already looking better! Let me know if you'd like more feedback :)