Writing Feedback February 13, 2020

Bootstrapped my software company to $10k/mo (with a full-time job), then raised investment. Anyone interested in the story?

Luke Thomas @fridayhq

Hi IndieHackers crowd,

I'm considering writing an in-depth post about how I bootstrapped my software biz to $10k/mo before I switched over the "dark side" and raised a round of investment. My goal is to present my reasoning and ideally, provide some nuance to the VC vs. bootstrapped discussion.

If I write this, it's going to be a long post, so I wanted gauge interest before investing a lot of time :)


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    Have you thought or tried submitting for an IH interview?

    1. 3

      I would think about it, but it seems to require disclosing current revenue, which I'm not going to do ;)

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    Please share your interesting story!

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    Why raise money when you can bootstrap to 10k a month? Is that the whole point of bootstrapping? If you wanted to raise money why not do it from the beginning?

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        Thanks for sharing your story. I agree with the pivot move. I now understand why you went the VC route.

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    That sounds great, I would definitely read it

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    You are living my goals! Would love to hear your path.

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    No interest here.

    Just kidding Luke - start with unpitched 2019, wasnt that when you were still wondering if you should quit and do it ft?

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    Yes please. More on the bootstrapping aspects IMHO but your advice would be valuable.

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    Go ahead. I m very interested since I keep thinking if it is the right time to try and raise some money to inject growth in my company. Or keep going bootstrapped with more control but much slower. Would love to hear your reasoning.

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    yep, let me know!

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    Of course people here would be interested in reading a success story!

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    Absolutely. Agree it would be great on the IH podcast.

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    Yes please! It's always interesting to hear about the journey of a business, specially when it succeeds

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    I'm interested - also interested to hear how the IH lifestyle has been treating you in Portland, ME

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      The tl;dr is that it's cheaper and colder than Boston ;)

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    I'd be interested. Especially what triggered the decision, and how you found investors that were aligned with your goals and vision (if that's something that factored in to your decision)

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      @tela will definitely cover the decision-making process :)

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    Yes I would love it! A detailed blog post would be amazing.

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    Would love to hear about it @fridayhq . Tag me when it comes out.

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