March 28, 2019

Bootstrapped SaaS Mastermind


Hi everyone!
I am working on bootstrapping a SaaS business on the side while working a full time job. I am looking to create a mastermind group with others in the same situation. If you want to join a group that meets regularly to share problems, give advice and motivate each other to bootstrap a SaaS, fill up the form here:

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    Ibrahim - I just filled out the Typeform. Did this get up and running? If not, let me know as it's something I'd be interested in developing too.

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    Facebook has this group already.

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    Took the survey. It would be great if a group is formed and we can meet up regularly.

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    Should probably ask for age not for marital status. I filled the survey.

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    Hey Ibrahim,

    That's a great initiative!

    I'd love to know more about yourself, the product that you're working on, and what stage you're currently at. Please do share.