Daily Stand-up February 25, 2020

Bowing quietly out...

Janice @Janice

For the first time in a year, I've forgotten the daily stand up. (My day gig has been crazy, greedy of late.)

But I see everyone is making do and making it hot.

Look forward to swinging back through once I survive our launch season.

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    ❤️❤️❤️ Your consistency is and has been amazing. ❤️❤️❤️

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      Her picture should be placed under "Consistent" in the dictionary...
      But seriously, @janice, I'm amazed by your dedication to the cause. Your posts always remind me to stop slacking and get working (even on weekends! 🙃🙂).... nice stuff.
      Enjoy your "break", but not too much 😉

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    @Janice you're awesome! You've done a lot for the IH community. Enjoy your break and good luck w/ your job launch!

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      Many thanks, Helen! Looking forward to checking out "magical moments" when I return!

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    @Janice, if nobody is opposed I'll take over stand duties until you're ready to jump back in.

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      Hell, yeah! Do it! Do it! Do it! (And even when I'm back in the game, it would be lovely to rotate!)

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        Sounds like a great idea!

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    @Janice you posting every day in this forum was the reason I stayed in this forum, and gave me the courage to start posting here myself. Best of luck with your launch, and we'll keep the soup hot for when you get back :)

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      Looking forward to tasting the soup you made!

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    Thank you for being on it for so long!

    Related, does Indie Hackers have an api?

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    Thanks for keeping us on track for so long. See you around I hope!!

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    Sorry for the late reply (been busy with the day gig myself lately and as such haven't checked in here much)

    Thanks @Janice your constant daily stand ups.
    They have been a great motivator for me over time.
    Looking forward for your return, once you get some more peace back in your life!
    Good luck with launch season, hope it works out.

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    Good Luck!!!

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    Good luck with everything Janice, looking forward to seeing you back here!

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