Brand asset manager


I hope you've had a good week.

I'm trying to track down a visual brand asset management tool - that's a mouthful. Sending a dropbox link seems really outdated.

Can anyone recommend something like this?

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    Curious, what are your top "wish list" features from solutions you're looking for?

    I'm building https://www.metastash.io/ right now, which is more focussed on CG/3D workflows but it will eventually need some kind of "share with client" type feature.

    Hearing what you might want out of a solution could help me plan ahead, also it could help me think about design workflows (of which I'm less familiar)

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      Happy to answer your questions 😊

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    The only tool that comes immediately to mind is Baseline.

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    You could use a hugo theme to publish the brand asset details and host it on a subdomain at netlify or s3 and provide that link to the micro site?

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      This is also a good approach! I use something similar to share initial proposals and assets with potential clients; I use a subdomain as files(dot)domain.com hosted on Netlify through a GitHub private repo and using 11ty instead of Hugo 🙂.

      I was using fast.io connected to Dropbox before this which was amazingly simple and painless.

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      Cheers, I'll have a look.

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    Thanks for sharing this link @jakejakesnake! It is filled with resources!
    I don't think any alternative comes to my mind for this though.

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