Developers January 1, 2020

Breaking Ground on Web App.

Landon Roddenberry @LandonR

In my last post I mentioned that I had already built sitemgtx which is true, but not completely accurate. I’ve had the automated software built and working for several months now, but no web app to run it. So, today I break ground on sitmgtx in django. If anyone has any suggestions for a tech stack inline with django, or any other advice to offer an amateur developer... I’d appreciate it!
Happy new year Hackers!

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    If you want to get to market faster, I'd highly recommend taking a look at a service like Firebase to keep you focused on your app logic and remove infrastructure concerns. There's AWS and Azure, and those are great for larger orgs, but I find Firebase to be MUCH easier to get up and running for smaller bootstrapped apps.

    My app (ShopLystr) has multiple domains served as static sites with a backend that's composed of firebase auth, cloud functions, firestore database, and firestore's security rules. REALLY helps you focus on your app.

    No, this is not a sponsored comment 😆

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      Hahaha, sounds sponsored! Nah, but that’s super helpful. I haven’t looked into firebase much yet, but I definitely will. Thanks for the help man! 👊

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    Here’s one that I haven’t used but I liked the look of:

    It uses Flask instead of Django but it might be a good place to start.

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      Sweet!!! Thank you brother! That’s awesome, I was looking for an open source template like that! 🙏