Brian Dean Of Backlinko Shares How He Gets Up To 1MM+ Visits Per Blog Post - New Interview

I just had an EPIC interview with Brian Dean of Backlinko!

We sat down with Brian to pick his brain on:

#1) How he gets up to 1 Million+ visitors per blog post, including actionable tips :)

#2) His early career and personal growth

#3) The evolution of SEO, and what entrepreneurs get wrong about SEO.

#4) Launching Backlinko, and gaining traction in those early days.

#5) Monetizing Backlinko

#6) What goes on behind the scenes at Backlinko

#7) Lifehacks, sources of inspiration, and tips on relaxation

Hope you enjoy and get a ton of value from it :)

Link: https://www.uplead.com/brian-dean-interview

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