April 9, 2019

Build a blog without an product?

Martin @StormDev

Hey, I'm currently run junior-dev.com and try to build an audience around it. Currently I don't have any product or service to offer as I try to find out how to provide good value to my audience. Do you think i am missing out by not having a product to sell?

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    Starting with an audience is the best way to ensure you're building something that's exactly what people are looking for. I think it's wise to start audience first, and not necessarily product first. It's a great way to build trust and serve people before asking for a sale.

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      Thanks for your feedback. It just seems very non traditional to try to do business without anything to sell

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    Echoing sentiments that others have shared here, and adding one more piece of advice:

    Yes, this is a good idea and sets you up for success in the future. One thing that I've noticed really helps our students is when they stop thinking of the blog as "a blog" and instead, treat the blog like a product!

    Like a product, your blog's job is to help your audience solve their problems. By doing that, you're earning trust and attention by showing them "hey, I understand your problems AND I've thought about how you could fix them! let me show you..."

    This frame of mind changes "blogging" from an idle activity to a productive one.

    Also: start an email list ASAP, even if it's just to let people sing up to get your next article. You'll thank me later :)

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      Thanks for your reply. Will take your feedback to heart.

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    I don't think you are missing out. Lots of people start by building an audience first, then figure out how you can provide real value afterwards.

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    No need to worry about that. Building an audience first, will help you in the future when you have a product you can sell.
    My advice is to build an email list, so starting a newsletter will be a good idea. Focus on providing content that is high quality and interact with your readers. Being active on Twitter will help you too.

    Hope that helps. Please update us on your progress.

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    It's a fantastic approach - who knows what product will come from your community, training, management, recruitment, an app...!

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    It's not always about having a product to sell. It's about adding value to your audience.

    We seem to be working on somewhat similar ideas, I run https://coderstory.io/ a platform to help those starting their journey. Our site is all about adding value and that's what you need to focus on!

    If you want, drop me a message - we can talk about it!

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    Why would you be 'missing out' without a product?

    People want value. What of value are you providing? Once you get enough value and people trust you, you can package that up as an offer. Or just run ads etc.

    What is our goal with the site?

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      Thanks for your reply, ideally i want to provide value and get some side income.

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    That's not a bad idea. You can find a good idea through search history in Google Search Console.

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