Build a GPT-3 app without code (In less than 1 hour)

Tutorial Link: https://gum.co/HtLNC

Here I will do a detailed video walk-through of how to build a GPT-3 app from scratch without code using Bubble.io. I will be releasing tips, tricks and secrets on how to optimize the API calls from OpenAI. This will all be done in less than one hour. I will show you how to use GPT-3's summarization feature to set up an app.

The demo app I created for this is called TL;DR, https://TooLongDidntRead.co.

In light of various technical levels of bubble users, I have done a video that will be able to be understood by all levels; beginner, intermediate and advanced. For the more advanced bubble users, please refer to the video time signatures.

If you have not gotten my first course, you can grab it here: https://gum.co/UGCrmj (Most of what I did in that previous course was covered in this one. If you are still inclined to get the first course, it helps to note that the previous course looked at setting up a question and answer prompt and this one looks at doing a summarization).

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    I tested the demo and it didn't summarize my text

      1. 1

        When I click on simplify, after I added my text, the grey div on the left remains the same except for a pop up saying "You didn't get the result you were hoping for? Remember it's only AI. Click on Symplify again". Or something like that.

        1. 1

          Ahh gotcha... Please try it again. If you keep going it will summarize your text.

  2. 1

    "Many of you have asked How I got access to OpenAI's API so I did a youtube video on that here"

    I couldn't find the link.

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