Beta Testing September 20, 2020

Build a serverless chat-app in 3 minutes 🍾

Adam La Morre @alamorre

Hey! So I've been working on a chat API for the past month and I'm looking for people to try it out.

Chat Engine is a chat toolkit, and my goal was to get people up and running in 5 minutes.

My cousin was able to get chat up and running in 3 minutes 😎

I invite you to try it out and provide feedback on what I built. Hopefully you like it and will use it in the future 👍

React JS:

  1. 2

    Would love to try it out. npm is saying service unavailable for me though

    1. 1

      Oh wow! Npm's website is down.
      Thanks btw this is great!

  2. 1

    It would be great if you had working demo. I saw a lot chat systems and if I cannot try it right away it's a no go

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