Coronavirus March 22, 2020

Build an app for Covid-19?


Hi everyone,

First time posting and I hope I'm doing this right.

With the coronavirus crisis all over the news, I've thought about building a mobile game app related to the virus as a side project.

It would be a hypercasual game. But I am having doubts about its success.

Do you think its worth investing time and effort into this market of Apple Arcade and/or not many games being played as before on phones?

I appreciate any advice/help!

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    Just letting you know you can't do that in the current situation:

    Anything with a coronavirus theme (game or not) will be banned from the store.

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      Thank you so much for sharing that! I was completely unaware of that

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    Even though the App Store restricts it, You can still make the game using HTML5 / Javascript and publish it on a website