No-Code January 18, 2021

Build directory listing website with no code

Belal Amin @belalamin

Hi guys, I am wondering what are the available no-code solutions out there that would allow me to build a directory listing website. other than wordpress

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    Check out - have lots of templates exactly for that!

    Softr is the easiest no-code platform to create powerful websites & web-apps on Airtable, in 10 minutes.
    With Softr, you can build dynamic web-apps like Listings, Memberships, Events Directory, Online Courses, Online Communities, E-Commerce, Job Boards, Upvoting Sites, Services Marketplace and more.

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    Try Pory IO too or you can embed an Airtable on a landing page.

    I also made a directory on Notion:

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    Some good ones:
    Spreadsimple combined with

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    There's a lot of tools out there for that.
    Airtable, Notion, Softr, Pory, Siteoly, SpreadSimple to name a few...

    I'd suggest you grab this last one, as it's currently a deal @ Appsumo:

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      awesome solution man, thanks a million

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    Lots of options here! Airtable/Notion is great for a simple version, and Webflow is best for a professional solution. Here's a tutorial I made about how to get it set up in Webflow

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    Lots of people use Airtable or Notion for this kind of thing.

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      just checked it out, ,I actually meant a public directory listing website where I can for example list all teachers in my area and clients can search for them based on geo-location proximity and so on

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      thanks alot @rosiesherry, will check it out

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