Build Online Courses, and Educational Content Quicker Using Notion Templates.

Hey, I've recently been helping businesses & creators move their physical workshops, seminars and training to tools like Kajabi and teachable during the lockdown. Over the years I've been creating Notion templates to speed up the process and now I've finally bundled them all together to in Edu-Creator Operating System

What is Edu-Creator OS?

It's a Notion Dashboard for educators, experts and hobbyists to speed up the course creation process, start and grow their business, and manage a team. It's the system and foundation I wish I had at the start of my journey supporting educational businesses to get their team, products, resources and strategy all on the same page. Sure maybe you'll hop out to other apps now - but when the Notion API is released then this dashboard will THE command centre of many operations!

I also use this for designing and managing my client workshops, worksheets and videos for my small youtube channel. Whether you are teaching someone how to cook, code or start a business there's something in here for you.

So far It's helped just over 30 folk to 2X their Course creation speed, free up time to launch newsletters, podcasts and transform peoples lives with their content.


Here's a breakdown of all the major moving parts inside.

If you prefer videos then I left a walkthrough on Youtube


After purchase, you'll see this high-level view.


Edu-Creator OS is broken into three parts

  • The Creative Process,
  • Operations and Managment
  • Quick access to guides and toolkit

Diving into the Creative Process


Ultimately this is built to help you build a habit of moving from mindless information consumption to creation via a process of C.O.D.E. which is an acronym for Capture Organise, Distill and Express


Stage 1: Intake - It all starts with information capture. here you can use tools like notion's web clipper to save links to interesting sources and build a practice of mindful consumption.

Stage 2: Digestion - Digestion is when the magic happens. Here you'll start to make what you find your own. Blend your thinking and ideas into the intake sources by switching formats and organising your insights into new structures such as tweets, diagrams and slide decks. I've included 9 templates to support you to do this.

Stage 3: Teaching Assets - When you finally arrive at something you want to teach from, for example, a finished recipe or diagram or a certain concept, keep them here in the resources section.

Stage 4: Projects - Finally use these resources in one of the customisable project workflows. we've outlined a few but feel free to change them to your team's needs. I've left templates inside for new articles, youtube videos, online course, workshops and more. The Online course template is available for free. Give it a spin, customize it for your team and let me know if you like it.


All of this is quickly accessible from a single view in the creator dashboard.

Operations & Management


From the Business Dashboard, you can see

  • Key business metrics like sales and subscriber count.
  • Link to key business areas such as leadership, finance, operations, product and marketing
  • Topic areas - What you are teaching about and dashboards to show all your resources related to that topic filtered from the databases in the creative process.
  • Business Resources - Documentation, legal stuffs, media and presskits for sending to sponsors + 5 guides we've created to support you.


Each of the business areas has its own contextual dashboard and is unique. Hopefully, it is a starting point for you to customise it for your specific needs and requirements.


Business Resources


The business Resources section contains links to the guides we've included for

  • Starting + Growing your channel or business
  • Monetisation Strategies
  • Learning Experience Design
  • Knowledge Managment
  • Finding Tools to Teach Online

And a few more ;)

My favourite is the tool kit, which has a choose your character style experience to it. By scrolling through the database and selecting from over 70 tools for creating content, managing a business remote tutoring and course publishing you'll arrive at a final list of all the tools your business uses - known as your tech stack.


This selection updates in the finance business area. After you input the amount you spend on each of your tools you can see how much your digital infrastructure is costing you monthly and yearly. Just one of the cute lil tricks in Notion.

Another guide I enjoyed making was more for new channels, but is still helpful for pro's who want to get rethink things, is the channel strategy guide. It's an interactive guide with exercises to take actionable steps towards creating your business or channel. It walks through the basics of online business infrastructure, leads, visitors, customer personas, What you want to teach when you'll tell them about it, through which channels... All that good stuff.

🎉 Yay! 🎓 more time teaching and learning, less time business-ing

If it sounds like the Notion Dashboard for your channel, educational business or consulting practice then...

check out the site, or start a convo in the chat widget in the bottom right of the page @ Edu-Creator Operating System

Say hi and ask me a question on Twitter

If you want to have a deeper chat about the future of Education or Learning Networks and dive into my rationale, you can do that via my public notes on my site Paideia X Praxis

If you'd like to use it with your clients to help them build courses and their infrastructure then please let me know.
I can't track different levels of licencing using Gumroad and Notion but would love to learn how to improve the product to make it more suited to that use case from your experience.

Until soon - Happy learning and teaching with Notion. May you ignite the fire of learning in everyone one of your students.


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    Hi Serj, I really like what you did. Although I don't really have a ton of followers, I just went ahead, give you a follow and a shoutout on Twitter. Awesome job. Please keep going because I will be watching.

    Also, maybe submit it to Product Hunt?

    1. 1

      Hey! I just saw your post on twitter :D ! Thanks so much for the support.
      My thinking with product hunt was to launch after about 400 sales :) The hope is that I'll have a tighter community behind the product and better chances on Launch day :)

    1. 2

      Thanks John ;) I hope things at Yen are doing well. Keep crushing it.

      1. 1

        every single day!

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