No-Code February 19, 2021

Build truly custom web-apps with Noloco

Simon Curran @simoncurran

Hey folks!

We’ve spent the last few months building Noloco (, a no-code platform that allows people to build web-apps (like Slack, Airbnb and Product Hunt) much faster than with code. It's kind of like Retool but for customer-facing apps.

We're currently in private beta and are working with our early customers to help them build their web-apps.

If you have an idea for a web-app and would like to understand if our platform's a good fit - please reach out here or send an email to Or sign up to our waitlist to get early access when we open up self-serve!

Feel free to check out our playground ( and our jobs board template (

You can also find us on Twitter if you'd like to stay up to date:

Many thanks,


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    I absolutely love how there's an actual interactive demo on the landing page. Great work

    1. 1

      Thank you @sosa067 🤗
      We're proud of our builder and want to be as transparent as possible.
      Glad you like it!

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    I am working on an app that will allow users to see the drugstores, (parmacies) that are in his area and look if they have the medecine they need.

    If they do, my users should be able to order these madecine, pay for them and come to pick them up. If they want to they could put it in the cart and come pay and collect it later but if they choose to just hold them and come and pay later they will have only 1 hour before the order is canceled.

    The app should display all the drugstores that have the medecine available so that the users can choose which one they are going to order them from.

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      Hey @Irodman, thanks for sharing your idea! Sounds very cool.

      How do you envisage knowing what stock the pharmacies have available at a given point in time? Were you thinking that the pharmacies would manually update the system to inform about what stock they have available? Or were you thinking of integrating with whatever inventory management system(s) the pharmacies use? Worth noting that the latter would definitely require a custom integration.

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        Both. There would be a Drugstore version of the app that will allow them to update manually the stock, check the different orders and this kind of things and at the same time an integration that would automate the whole process

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    Looks great so far! I'm encouraged by these types of solutions. I like Bubble, but having alternatives with different value propositions are great to have.

    How are apps deployed? Is it possible to run them on my own infrastructure? Are they containerized? I do a lot of work with enterprises that want rapid development, but need to have their apps running on their own hardware or cloud environments. Can Noloco support this?

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      Howdy @andrewgassen 👋 Appreciate the encouragement!

      For now we don’t offer any on-prem deployments; we host the app, the API and database on AWS. An on-prem solution is probably something we will explore in the future but not on the short-term roadmap.

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        Awesome. Thanks for taking the time to respond. The tool looks pretty slick and the interactive demo is top-notch. I've signed up for the waitlist!

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    Looks promising!

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      Thanks @Wyeem! Let me know if you'd like a demo at any stage ✌️

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