March 14, 2019

Builders Marathon this Saturday?

Joel Griffith @jgriffith

Doing a marathon this Saturday, likely start around 3PM PDT. Going to be wrapping up a new account-level feature for @browserless. Anyone interested in doing a group chat/twitch/stream type of thing?

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    Oh man, this would be perfect for me but I'm at a wedding on Saturday - I think Sunday (GMT) might be my time :)

    What will you be working on?

    PS - I implemented Browserless in my last role (Accredible) - you helped drop the average API response time quite drastically as you handle a lot of the heavy lifting!

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      You ever do a marathon? I had a pretty good run of 4PM - 2AM before I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. Got a ton of stuff done, so feeling pretty good about it.

      Might try and make it a standing thing even.

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        That's an impressive streak. I can't get much past midnight these days - my toddler has shifted my body clock to the early phase. No complaints Mon.

        I had the pressure of customer numero-uno force my hand. So made it work somehow. Not a marathon, more of a... canonball run?

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      Shoot! We should sync up on a time then to work together! Unfortunately my Sunday is pretty booked :/

      Thanks also for the kind words, really happy it's working well for them!!

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