Growth March 25, 2020

Building a clean promo video in 2 hours

Jeremy Mauboussin @jeremymauboussin

This morning I created and published my first ever promo video:

I launched PlagiaShield this Monday and wanted a video to communicate what the tool does in a simple but attractive format.

Please tell me if you see any improvement.

The tool

I built it using Promo. It's made for this very purpose. Some drag and drops and a bit personalization, and the video was ready. There is also a built-in library of quality videos, photos, and soundtracks.

The 2 hours from the title actually includes:

  • Discovering the tool
  • Creating the video and failing to save it.
  • Creating it again. :-)

The alternative

The alternative for me was to use After Effects and the BOXD plugin from Envato. However, it would have been more expensive, and most importantly: it would have taken days for me who is new to the Adobe tool!

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