Coronavirus June 24, 2020

Building a consumer-SAAS for COVID?


I built a tool to help children, parents, etc. monitor other individuals for COVID-like symptoms using consumer-grade wearables:

I was wondering if anybody had any suggestions on copy, messaging, etc. or any strategies for marketing/selling it.

I was thinking since it's not medical-grade it's better for paranoid children of parents who are particularly immunocompromised and remote, so I wrote this article:

Does anybody have any suggestions?

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    Hi @beefin

    Very nice idea, the site looks great too.

    I'm curious as to the market for this product.
    Is it really Covid related?
    I see you have mentioned alerts for Reduced sleep quality, increased weight and reduced physical activity.
    If these alerts did go off, would they really be Covid related?
    What other kind of metrics does it capture?

    I could see this platform being very useful for sports teams.
    A coach having access to the teams health could be very beneficial.

    Also I think the Whoop strap right now is the most accurate in terms of monitoring health, it might be one to add if you have not done so already.


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