Building a landing page without images?

Probably a stupid question, but here it goes:
I have been trying to build a landing page for a while. I don’t want to use stock photos or those overused illustrations that don’t really convey anything. However, eliminating these two choices leaves me with an all-text page. How should I approach this? Should I draw some basic images myself? Should I give up and go the generic route?

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    As a general rule I'd reference the other products in whatever category your business falls into and take cues from them re: landing page images.

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    @bgrgndzz actually there's nothing wrong with 0 images on your website. If it's a great product, sometimes you don't really need text and images.

    I'd suggest to first look at your industry norm, and see what's the best way to present your product.

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    Hi Bugra,

    I'd find the confidence to stick with your all-text page. I wrote a thing for you to show 7 example sites that are pretty great, and happen to be mostly text:

    The trick is this: make sure your product resolves a struggle, and write words at the top of your page that tell the visitor you understand their struggle. Hope that helps.

    Use an image if you want to, stick with a no-image approach if you feel generic images would just distract your message.

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    Hey @bgrgndzz! I am selling HTML themes on my site BuildFaster. I think this theme would be fit for the job. Click "view it" to see the live demo of it. I will start selling probably next week.

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    Use whatever is going to best support your message. That could be screengrabs, illustrations, photos, etc.

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    I think it's key to remember that your landing page is all about educating a potential customer of how your product will help them. It's easy to get distracted with images and graphics (most of which cause confusion anyways) So I would focus on how you can communicate how your product will enable people to make the change they're looking for as clearly and as fast as possible. Plus you can always experiment and change it later :)

    (I know images can be a great way to do this btw, but it's really important that they add help clarify as opposed to distract from how you can help.)

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