March 6, 2019

Building a micro saas all over livestream.

Alex Parker @alexparker

I've got a friend that needs a micro saas tool and also wants to be part of building it.

I'm pretty much decided on building the entire thing in the open over live stream. I'll probably use to direct it to whichever platforms are most useful/accessible.

I plan to include as much of the process as possible, including our initial scoping meeting. Sometimes may not be feasible, but would like to include whiteboarding, struggles, sticking points, decision points and mistakes we make along the way.

It's a total side project, since I'm also a full-time employee, so it will be in bits and pieces, maybe 30-60 min here and there.

I'll be building it in #emberjs and undecided on the back-end data storage side of things, since we haven't scoped how far deep into the data storage side of things we may need to go.

I posted a poll to get a pulse on interest, as well as platform choices here:

If you want to go RT it / like it, and vote - a huge thank you 🙏
And if you'd also like to spectate, give me a follow and I'll post about it when I start going live.