Developers July 11, 2020

Building a project with Tensorflow?

Chris ✌️ @Chris24

I've come across lots of interesting Tensorflow projects recently. I'm curious: has anyone here built a profitable project that uses Tensorflow?

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    We had a "coffee reading" app and was using tensor flow image classification to check if the cups are real or something else, it was simple basic. The project was not profitable though.

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      Interesting. What do mean by check if the cups are real? Was the goal to charge users or was this research?

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    I tried making a few tensorflow-backed ideas, but all of them stranded in the prototyping phase because the models just weren't good enough yet for what I wanted to do.

    That said, I think there's plenty of opportunity doing e.g. image or video editing with tensorflow and build a product around that (I'd suggest playing around with for inspiration)

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      This is right on, for a machine learning product to be superior, it needs a team effort. Unless you have a cofounder or you are really experienced, it’s going to be really challenging for an indie to make a profit from a ML project.

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        @lwei, thanks for the insight.

        I was fascinated by the respiratory disease detection app that Tensorflow references on their website and what's possible using sound.

        Also: really fascinated by the use of AR/ML in this app:

        TL;DR: app copies text from physical book and pastes onto a digital screen. I was curious to see if anyone here was working on something like this.

        Do you see Tensorflow as mostly for research & tinkering?

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          Sure thing @Chris24, tensorflow is definitely not just for research & tinkering, you can use it for production and for web based ML training and evaluation as well. Checkout tensorflow.js. If you have a lightweight app idea using tensorflow, go ahead and try it out.

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      What types of projects were you working on, @Kilian? That link doesn't seem to be working.

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        They were related to text comprehension, but that's still not great when you get into specifics. The url is, I've updated my post!

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    Why tensorflow specifically? I'm CTO of a profitable VC backed computer vision company. Happy to answer any questions you have