Building Africa's first no-code school in my country

Hello social hackers,

I've been on IH for almost a year now and just found about this group :)
Happy to be here, my name is Nadia and I was born in Rwanda.

After living abroad for 20 years I decided to move back.

I started showing a few kids (young adults to be honest) how to use no-code tools with an online course and they we're amazed.

So we're now starting a school in a physical location. The school is free and we have a majority of girls.

I think no-code is a great opportunity for Africans but also women (I'm both:-D), we have always been minorities in the tech space but no-code can change that🙂.

Would love to connect with social entrepreneurs to learn more about managing such projects.

I have volunteers that will help out but for it to benefit the largest number I'd like to keep it free forever.

It's mostly e-learning but for people without computers or internet at home, having a place to go to is crucial.

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    What a beautiful initiative Nadia :-) I know that @bramk runs a no-code MVP course. Perhaps he can help you out a bit.

    1. 2

      it's a paid course, as explained I want to keep it free.

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    Nice initiative Nadia. @bentossell, no-code master, runs a no-code community. We can try to connect and see if he might help you somehow.

    Would you mind sharing your slides?

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      Hi Leo,
      Ben Tossell is great and I'm a big fan but Makerpad isn't exactly what I have in mind, I think their subscription is 600$/year. People in Africa are already poor 😅.
      As I said, it's a free school and should remain free forever 😊
      That's actually the thing about no-code, the early adopters have an advantage and can charge for people to access that knowledge.
      I doubt anyone would pay for a WordPress tutorial today since you can find tons of them for free on youtube.
      We have a weekly no-code expert session and these have been great, regular people giving some of their time to present a tool for FREE.
      This was one of them two weeks ago 😊
      Paid communities might work in the West but not in these regions.
      But thanks for the suggestion.

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        Sorry for not being clear. I mean he might know some volunteers and also help you somehow, giving some suggestions, latest trends, etc

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    Hi Nadia! You had an amazing idea. If you need some help, I'll be happy to help you.

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      Thanks :)
      I'll get in touch, the more the merrier :)

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    Goodluck with your project, as Leo already mentioned Ben Tossell is the guy to connect with for no-code tools.

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    This is very cool, do you have a website for it?

    1. 1

      hi Rosie, working on the website this week :)
      I'm wearing so many hats I hope to get volunteers on board in the coming week.
      Right now it's been a combo of google slides and google sheets +loom.

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