πŸ‘‹ Building an app for mixing podcasts & music into your workouts. Been featured on App store, and retention is high πŸ“ˆ but activation low?

This is mostly a question of how to teach users a new concept. Shift is a fitness app that shifts between podcasts and music during the workout. It plays podcasts when you rest/go slow, and music when you lift/go fast. We get good download rates and have been featured on the App Store several times. The problem is that most users never get far enough to try it for a workout. So obviously we fail to convince them during the first app run. Now, retention rate is very high, so those users who takes the first step and actually try it, almost always stick around.

I'd love to hear some opinions from the IH community here!

Find the app here πŸ‘‰ https://www.shiftfm.app/

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