Building an SMS marketing platform

Hello Indie Hackers,

Looking for feedback on building a platform for sending SMS.

it's one-way communication like a broadcaster.

So users can import all customers and want to send an offer to a segment of customers or all the customers.

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    Well, to be honest, I have never believed in such a service. I always thought that they are quite useless. However, life experience taught me otherwise. When I opened my online store, the SMS marketing service was something that helped me grow and help me set my customer base. I worked with https://www.lemiapps.com/product/sms-marketing-autoresponder/, and they were conscientious and attentive with all my desire. That’s why I think that this service is highly needed and needs to be appreciated!

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    If you decide to build, check out:


    for your development. I've used both and think both have really good API documentation. There are a lot more options out there, so you would need to do the research on what works best for you.

    Also would think of adding more than just SMS, maybe add an option for Telegram, WhatsApp, and other ways of receiving messages. I personally prefer receiving a message on Telegram instead of SMS messages.

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    What type of customers are your targeting? Did you defined your niche?

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      Small businesses, like restaurant and more to explore

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        Is it something that they really need? What's the USP of your product?

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          The idea is to build an agenda, so put as much data you have for a customer. Then send SMS, MMS, Facebook message, and more.
          The USP is all customer data in one place and a tool to send campaigns.

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            Is it something that they really need or it's just a nice to have?

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              This is the question I really need to ask. Some clients in my network want this service and they will be a beta tester.

              I don't know the answer yet, but going to ask my client.

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                Try to see as soon as possible if it's something that they really need or not. Also, based on this and the feedback you get you can start thinking about how you should position your product in the market.

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