Building in Public best practices?

👋 Hey there,

Do you have an "ultimate guide to build in public" sort of thing?

I am now convinced by the WHY.
I was looking for the HOW. Like a set of recommendations on what to do to make the most out of Building in Public (which rituals).

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    Hey, Ben. I'm building a platform for building in public ... in public. 😅

    It's called Haptic.

    I've written a quite exhaustive article exactly about what you're looking for few weeks ago there.

    It's sort of a "build in public framework". I hope it'll be helpful to you :)

    Here's the link: https://haptic.so/how-to-build-in-public

    Enjoy ;)

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      Awesome! Thanks for the resources!

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    (everyone is dropping links. Let me add to the pile. ;-) )

    @NoCodeDevs recently invited @trulykp to share his take.

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      Thanks - the title looks promising 🤗

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    I'm building in public as well https://TwitterStats.app and also using it to measure my tweets performance and growth. For auto tweets I'm using Twitter built in tweets scheduler.

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    Also, I will attend the event The realities of building in public - organized by orbit.love and @rosiesherry

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