Building in the open? An IH experiment

I had an idea today for a product in the growth space — basically a team journal for tracking and archiving growth experiments.

The impetus emerged from the fact that everyone seems to have a different process (or not one at all) so there’s an opportunity to provide a standard, specialized flow.

Additionally, “growth” as a distinct function is growing (meta), and since it directly impacts companies’ bottom lines, my hunch is that there is a market to tap into (i.e. money to spend). Add to that the fact that there are easily identifiable watering holes to find target customers, and I believe this something that will be easy/inexpensive to test.

Normally, when I have ideas like this I write them down in a google doc, maybe do a little research, perhaps buy a domain and throw up an initial landing page — only to never really pursue the thing (perhaps you can relate).

Well, this time I plan to lower my anxiety by not overthinking and just doing. I’m going use Indie Hackers as my notepad as I try to take this idea from napkin-stage to revenue.

I’ll share the entire process:
• validating the idea through customer development
• creating a minimum sellable product to pull in early revenue
• iterating on feedback to build the SaaS mvp (which will be separate from the above; will explain later)
• executing on a plan to drive $1k in MRR
• and then we’ll go from there...

I think this experiment will be valuable since I’m starting from scratch. I don’t have an audience to pre-sell to; I’m a middling developer so I might have to rely on low-code tools to move quickly/not lose steam; I don’t really have a budget for throwing money at this so I’ll need to handle everything initially.

If this proposed journey intrigues you, hit follow to keep up with the progress. Also, which areas would you really like to see documented?

  1. 2

    I'm interested in the validation aspect. Interested in seeing your process (and progress!).

    I might follow suit as well.

    1. 1

      Thanks for your feedback. I’ll definitely highlight my attempts to prove there’s a market for the product.

      What are you working on? I’d be interested in following along with you.

      1. 1

        I have a couple of ideas. I haven't jumped in fallen yet. I will start posting updates starting this week or so :D

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