Ideas and Validation April 4, 2020

Building my New Business ?🤯 😯


Hi everyone! 😃

It is the first time that I dare to write something around here, so firstly thank you for your time for reading, and secondly wish you a happy day!

WHY? 🏁

So well, I have been working as a broker for years, it is one of the best brokers in the world actually. I have always had the mentality that someday I will work for my own company, and I think you have thought that more than once too.

So with all this current situation of the coronavirus and all the market declines, thanks to my experience I can make very accurate analyzes of markets, specially to the european and american stocks markets, hence why my idea is as follows:


Develop a website where you can advise people and sell business analysis for people who are thinking about investing. In addition to this, include personal advice to help these people to carry out their investments. This is just the tip of the iceberg, there are many more things behind it but I would not like to make the text too long and boring.

Each one of these market signals that I sell, would include a file with the description and analysis of the company, another file with the possible scenarios and the way to act in case of being in that state, and another file with graphic analysis of the action.
currently i make around 21% of annual earnings with each portfolio I manage

One of the main problems that I have found that currently there are many "boys" who sell fumes where they promise to become a millionaire overnight (when it really isn't) which greatly affects the activity I want to do ...

I await your comments, advice, tips or anything, you want to tell me
thank you very much!!

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    have you hread about I think it is similar to what you are proposing.

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    Hi there,
    Why would it be a website?
    I'd check out This seems like something I'd rather get in email than a website.
    Am I missing something?

    1. 2

      Hi Jonathan,

      Thanks for your comment, i will check it .
      About the website i suppose its more atractive and personal for the client, and at the same time more professional

      Best regards

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    Welcome and thanks for sharing.

    It sounds like you would do an email for each investment a person is thinking of making? So, if a person were going to invest in a mutual fund of 100 companies does that mean you'd do 100 emails?

    My first thought is that people are too busy for email these days and read attachments even less so (even if they pay for them). What about a web app that asks questions to determine what "state" the person is in and then provides only the advice they need for that investment? It's a bit bigger and harder to build that email interactions but you might get more uptake in the long run and it might be easier duplicate/re-use/scale.

    I'm also wondering about the regulatory & compliance issues around offering online investment advice. Would you not have to comply with the investment law of every country of every customer?

    Hope that helps,

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      Hi Lakebed,

      First of all thank you for your answer,

      I think the idea has not been very clear, Iit would be about opening a web page where we sell analysis and market signals that are on the rise. For example, a client enters our website and pays us for a market signal, what we would do is provide an analysis of a stock that we know will go up so that he can invest in it. In that package we would add a study of that action, financial analysis and technical analysis of it. Nothing to do with sending emails or anything like that.

      On the other hand, in terms of legality and regulations it is not a problem, it is something that I have enough knowledge of and would not be a problem,

      I hope I explained myself better this time,
      I look forward to your comments,
      Best regards

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        Sadly, I'm probably not your target customer. I don't have the time/energy to actively invest and am of the mindset that high frequency trading and algo trading is the future so it takes even more time to come out ahead against the computers.

        Beyond that I don't think I can offer much help,

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