Indie Women July 12, 2020

Building myself in public

Lesley Chang @rasreee

I had been working on/off to re-deploy my personal site after taking it down to migrate it to React, but I want to make myself accountable to get it done faster and so I thought it would be good to keep myself accountable by "building [myself] in public" as it's a common trope here. Hopefully this won't just be for my personal site, but for everything else I do that's hack-related for personal growth!

Keep me accountable & feel free to roast me, if needed. :") I'd appreciate it.

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    Can't suggest building in public enough! I started doing it in February and it's helped my organization and accountability a lot. Even opened some doors for me too.

    Where are you blogging? I love reading this kind of content.

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      I just checked out your personal site (clean design btw I love it), and it's really inspiring how much progress you've made (front page of Hacker News??? wow) -- huge congrats!

      For now I'm aiming to blog on and public roadmapping on my (Notion)[] (it's not up right now because it's kinda ugly, but I probably need to realize it doesn't need to be perfect)!

      I'm currently working on integrating that Notion roadmap into my site with an unofficial Notion API I found... Hopefully that won't take too long :")

      Looking forward to reading more updates from your blog & really glad to be starting!

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        I think the official Notion API is coming soon, maybe worth bearing in mind.

        I built my website using Notion, it helps me just log things and write. I also have a private one for my newsletter subscribers. &

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          Yes!! I love Notion for writing passing thoughts / making tangible what I need to get done... I'm patiently waiting for the official API release, which hopefully is soon. Maybe it's smarter for me to use AirTable or Ghost in the meantime... Thank you for sharing your site! This is great inspiration for me :-)

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          I love notion but its booting time may not be upto what is expected for a website/blog. It depends on the use case as well. So if it works for you, that's great.

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            That's reasonable -- yeah after getting really frustrated trying to get content up from my Notion w/ the unofficial APIs I had to break it to myself it's not worth it.

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        Perfection is the enemy of getting things done. I have been in that mindset until last week and fighting that mindset hard. Make your blog live even if it is not perfect. We can iterate.

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          Yes!! Will do. Thanks for the encouragement :-)