Product Development June 2, 2020

Building Plausible Analytics: May 2020 recap

Marko Saric @markosaric

Another month, another update. Here’s what went down with Plausible Analytics in May:

🚀 Plausible is now much faster and can handle more load

🙌 Reduced the size of our tracking script by more than 50%

🔨 Good progress on a self-hosted version of Plausible

💵 MRR: $1,085: A lot of trials from April expired this month and we blew past $1k MRR. Huge month for revenue growth

👩 26k visitors (-59%): Traffic couldn’t match April when we hit the front page of Hacker news. Still, 26k visitors is very strong

Here's the full recap

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    Awesome milestone Marko. I was surprised by the number of visitors you get from Have you thought of posting your blog posts on as well?

    1. 1

      Thanks Sjors! I've had some success driving traffic/awareness from Medium publications in the past but haven't tried to post much about Plausible yet other than Hacker Noon. I'll see if there's a relevant publication for us there these days.

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        Perhaps the biggest publication of all, The Startup.

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          I published something there before so will try and post something about Plausible too. Thanks!

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    So jealous lol

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    Really nice, congrats! For some reason I thought you were much bigger already revenue-wise, seeing your name all over IH :D

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      Thanks Marty! We're getting there :)

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    Congrats! Where are you getting visitors from now?

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      Thanks Kevin! You can see all the traffic sources on our live demo:

      Over the last 30 days:

      1. Facebook (DuckDuckGo liked our remove Google Analytics post so they shared it and they put some paid spend behind it too :-)
      3. Google search
      4. Indie Hackers!! :-)
      5. GitHub
      6. Twitter
        and so on.