No-Code January 17, 2020

Building something with & have questions?

Joe Brown @cuhpajo

I'm building without code using and I'd love to answer any questions about Bubble if you're getting started!

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    Hey Joe.


    Looks really good. Signed up!

    Out of curiosity - how long have you been working on that one?



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      Hey Marcin!

      This version took about 1.5 months, but that was due to us working on Nucode part-time right now. 👍

      Overall it was more like 1 full week of work between that time on nights/weekends. But that's with prior Bubble knowledge.

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    Hey Joe! How did you get Nucode to run so quickly? I've seen other Bubble apps that are a bit sluggish. I know there is dedicated plans, do you pay for one?

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      Hey there! No we don't (yet anyway). We're considering a sponsorship from bubble as we promote them already, but are currently still running their personal plan for $16/mo (now $29/mo)

      Most don't think you can optimize for speed, but you definitely can!

      Two things that weigh the app down come to mind in most apps:

      1. long and/or calculation based conditionals

      2. Too many "do a search for..." operations. Try to keep these to a minimum

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        Good to hear! Thanks for the advice. Excited to build with Bubble. Do you have any links on where to get started with designing? Coming from Webflow it has it's similarities but I definitely miss that feel.

        Would love to chat with you if you have time!

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          Always down to chat - feel free to send me an email to joe at nucode dot co.

          And we've got a bunch of micro-learnings from Gaby at Coaching Bubble here:

          But for practicing, I always recommend trying to rebuild the functionality of Twitter for fun. I think it provides the best practice for basic app building in Bubble!