Built an app for seamlessly switching between podcasts (when resting) and music (when lifting). Would love some feedback!


I've been doing strength training at the gym for many years. And being a podcast fanatic (its such a great way to learn stuff), I realised that I could easily listen to podcasts while resting between sets. An average strength workout has 30 minutes of resting time combined. In other words, lot's of podcasting time! However switching between podcasts and Spotify for every set was just super painful. So I built an app that seamlessly does it. I'm using wireless headphones, so I built it so that you "shift" when you press pause. This app has seriously levelled up the value of my workouts now, as I get to learn new stuff while getting a workout. Would love to see if anyone else gets any value from this as well.


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    Your curated list of podcasts is a great product in itself. Can’t wait to workout just so I can use this

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      Awesome! What kinds of podcasts do you listen to? And what would be your ideal "category"?

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    This is cool I love it. Can’t beleive someone else has the pain 😂😂

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      Haha, yeah exactly what I think!

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    I love this man. Quick question, so only wireless headphones? What about wired? Second.. so the music only works with spotify? Could it work with youtube?

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      Thanks! Wireless headphones is not a requirement. I've added support for using YouTube as a music source, but I haven't built it out as extensively as with Spotify. Wanted to get some more feedback first!

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        Hey man, I tried this out but the podcast wouldn't play - the youtube music played fine - but the podcast didn't .. i think may be the volume settings have a bug in them? When I went into settings, both volumes were down to 0 even though music was playing fine (through youtube).

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          Thanks for trying it out! Thats strange. Which podcast was it? And did you try other podcasts? It can be a bit slow at times, especially if the Internet connection is bad. Sorry about this!

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            I just tried it again and it worked this time! Your youtube mixes are the bomb, haha. Unfortunately with my wired earphones, pressing any of the buttons only adjusted the volume and it didn't auto switch, but I can live with that. It'd be awesome if custom youtube mixes could be entered.. but otherwise, great tool :)

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