April 1, 2019

Built an app for seamlessly switching between podcasts (when resting) and music (when lifting). Would love some feedback!

Michael @sslash


I've been doing strength training at the gym for many years. And being a podcast fanatic (its such a great way to learn stuff), I realised that I could easily listen to podcasts while resting between sets. An average strength workout has 30 minutes of resting time combined. In other words, lot's of podcasting time! However switching between podcasts and Spotify for every set was just super painful. So I built an app that seamlessly does it. I'm using wireless headphones, so I built it so that you "shift" when you press pause.

This app has seriously levelled up the value of my workouts now, as I get to learn new stuff while getting a workout. Would love to see if anyone else gets any value from this as well.


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    Hi Michael!

    • I liked the onboarding questions. Super friendly
    • I liked how you hid registration in a value prop
    • You can't cancel out of the registration screen if you decide not to register
    • Could use a Thanks message to show what's going to be up on the Activity screen after the auth token is entered and accepted
    • Can't cancel out of the Set Your Music Source screen
    • Overall very friendly UI, nice to look at
    • Love the background swaps
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      Hey Davey, thanks a lot for the feedback! I've fixed most of the things you mentioned, and will push out an update over the weekend. Cheers!

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    Great idea, I’m pretty sure I’d use this if it supported Overcast (but can’t confirm until I’m actually using it IRL). I personally wouldn’t pay for it though, I’d consider it more of a nice to have. Do you plan to make it a paid app at some point?

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      Thanks for the feedback! Could you explain the reason you'd want overcast support? yeah, makes sense that its more a nice to have. However to me I didn't realise how nice it was after I got into the habit of using it at the gym. Regarding payment, I'd need to learn more about what specific value people get from it. If people get really high value from something, I think people would also be willing to pay for it, so need to figure that out by learning ;)

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