Built an e-commerce project. I am so excited. 😀

Materialized an idea which came during my visit to a maker workshop. This is a rough MVP. https://www.wordlaser.com

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    I my opinion, it would be more trustworthy if you had a picture of an actual laser cut word somewhere on the page so I could see for myself how the final product would look.

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      Very true. As mentioned before that's already in pipeline. Where in the homepage do you suggest i put it?

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        Made a quick wireframe of what I would do: https://www.figma.com/file/KDAibhMI9Tt7VjxocBl96GQY/Untitled?node-id=0%3A1

        Basically, there doesn't need to be an image on the page necessarily, for me it would be enough to have a button somewhere to see a gallery of examples.

        One other thing I would do is condense the whole page so that it fits on the screen. The placement of things maybe isn't the best but I believe the whole service is more understandable when you can see everything at once.

        Everything I said is of course my opinion so feel free to disregard it completely lol.

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          Thanks for this. I did want to use columns like any editor. Was just unable (read lazy) to do it for the MVP.

          the whole service is more understandable when you can see everything at once.
          Totally agree.

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            Was just unable (read lazy) to do it for the MVP

            Haha, I get it. I'm in the process of building my portofolio so let me know if you'd like some free help on the website.
            I do webdesign and front end dev.

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              You have already helped me. :)

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    Good approach! How do you get targeted traffic?

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      Currently, social media posts, friend circles, commenting on gifting blog articles, every product ordered has a link on its back, requesting customers with text template, to post their ordered item on social media, with a back link.

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    Looks like a good start.

    Have you thought about using a theme (bootstrap, foundation, etc) instead of designing your own? I've found that an essential shortcut.

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      I am using bulma.

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