January 26, 2020

Built in 24 hours and used by over 5,000 designers

Brett Williams @brettwill1025

I recently launched Scribbbles, a collection of 100+ vector "scribbbles" to spice up your design projects.

I challenged myself to design all assets, build the site, and launch within 24 hours.

To date, Scribbbles has been downloaded by over 5,000 designers and used by companies all over the world, including Invision and LegalZoom.

You can see it in action on my website here: https://www.designjoy.co/

Here's the website where you can download them: https://www.scribbbles.design/

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    The best thing I've found so far this year, thanks for making it!

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      Wow, quite an honor! Thanks! :)

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    Love it 😍

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      Thanks. :)

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    On my iPad Pro running iPad OS 13 (latest), the “ct” and “st” pairs on your site have this hideous line connecting both letters. Such a weird font, not sure if intended...

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    This is amazing Brett! Your designs are really impressive. I would consider Hue for some of my future projects since I always hire designers when I have to get some illustrations done, but I really struggle to understand how you can do most of this work on your own. I know that when you're laser focused on one niche and tying everything back to one project, it's easier to allocate time and resources, but it's kinda crazy to me reading your last milestone. Still impressive! Also, quick feedback, just like the hue landing page, you should probably replace "lighting" with "lightning" here as well. Cheers!

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      Totally fair, and I'm sure you're not alone. Honestly, I have no secret formula or automated processes. I guess it just comes down to experience and speed, on top of working +-12 hour days most days.

      Thanks for pointing that out. Good to know it was misspelled on all fronts haha.

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      Glad you think so!

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    You guys have great design talent! Keep up the great work.

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      Thanks a lot!

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    this is awesome, thanks a ton for sharing ! What is your goal with the it? I was thinking about making some freebies as well, to help provide some value & build a list? Has it gone well for that?

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      You bet!

      It's gone really well, actually. Building a list was just a small part of it.

      Being completely transparent, my goal is to build a suite of freebies that all tie back to my design service, Hue (https://www.gethue.co/).

      On top of that, of course I want to give back to the design community as well. When I first went down the road of being a designer, freebies were extremely helpful in not only teaching me the anatomy of design components and how they were built, but also increasing my efficiency.

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        Nice a win win! Following your stuff to see more updates of your goodluck!


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    This is great! I’m designing a landing page right now and this will definitely come in handy. Thanks a lot for sharing!

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      Awesome! Please share the design when you're done. :)

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    haha ive been scouring nounproject for scribbles since ages!! This is amazing.

    Would definitely recommend adding it to the nounproject library too. Not sure how they share the revenue?

    Other sites I'd look at:

    1. Behance + dropbox link
    2. Profile on Freepik.com
    3. Dribbble + download link
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      Do you use procreate or a similar tool to create these?

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        Thanks for the recommendation! Icons8 reached out and will be adding it to many of their project, but I haven't spoken with the noun project. We shall see!

        And yes, I created them in Procreate in about 20 minutes haha.

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          Thats amazing man! I tried doing it for my personal work but how did you export files as vectors? Any workaround?

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            I saved them as .TIFF files and opened them in Illustrator and made them into vectors there.

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              Thanks bud for sharing :)

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                Anytime. 🌝

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    Hero, I have been looking for something like this for a while :)

    Now when i get time will integrate them into https://versoly.com/ so non-designers can use them!

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    This comment was deleted 5 months ago.

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      I used Dribbble initially. It was then featured on land-book.com, lapa.ninja, sketchappsources.com, etc. Then it was picked up by Invisions' blog and a few others and just grew from there.