March 21, 2019

Built Tinder ❤️ for Products 🔥 !!

Siddhant Jain @ThisIsSiddhant

I have built a fun product - claporslap👏. While upvoting on PH people unconsciously upvote the product with highest upvotes or because of a bias towards a makers. So some of the good products never see the light of the day.

ClapOrSlap shows you a recent random product without any upvotes or the name of the maker. It is an experiment to prove the above hypothesis.

We are live on PH! . Check out ClapOrSlap here :

So far, we have seen some popular products getting a significant number of slaps. I will release the stats 📈 soon .

Happy clapping👏 or slapping 😜

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    Hah, I like the name :)

    1. 1

      yeah, claporslap i love it too :D