Business formation + taxes + compliance on subscription - Feedback

Hello all - I am the founder of https://startglobal.co/ we've been helping hundreds of foreign founders to set up business in the US in an all-inclusive one-time package. I've been working on an extension product exclusively for single personal businesses in the US.

  • Single person LLC, S-Corp ( E-commerce businesses, Indie hackers, Consultants)

A single platform to take care of :

  • Formation
  • EIN
  • Business bank account
  • Invoicing + Payments
  • Quarterly and annual tax filings for both business and personal
  • Federal + State
  • Monthly bookkeeping on QBO with monthly reports.

All are included in a single subscription.

I'd love to read your feedback on what more features you'd expect and please signup on the link below if you'd actually use a product like this! :)


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