Marketplaces July 9, 2020

Buying an Online Business


Hello Everyone !

This is my first post in this forum. I have joined Indie Hackers as I have heard the community is strong and supportive. So I am excited to be a part of this community.

I am looking to buy an online business (preferably Saas or digital solutions). I am looking for suggestions from you to share your experience on this journey. Few Areas I am looking for suggestion are

  1. Auction - I have used flippa in the past, I have found the business there can be somewhat overpriced and I feel its not very vetted. Which auction did you have the most success with ? (my price range is within 100K to 200K)

  2. Financing - Have you come across any venture capital or funding options to purchase an online business ?

  3. Future of SAAS - The SAAS space is definitely getting competitive. So Is this a space to be for the future ?

  4. Any RedFlags to watch out for.


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    I've used MicroAcquire to sell my project, so I recommend it (and now writing an ebook about my experiences of building to selling a side-project).

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      Let me know when you publish your book.

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        @Coolcalmdude500 Happy to let you know that it is published! 🥳

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      I found microacquire more pricier than other empireflippers , flippa and other website compared to the revenue and cash flow of the companies being listed. How long did it take for you to sell your business with them ?

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        It took me one month of discussions with multiple potential buyers until there was a good match and sold the project.

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          Sounds like it was a quick sell for you.

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    I agree most sites in Flippa are not vetted very well. I bought couple of sites in the past (under $10K), the result was mixed. Challenge is that you have to do the due diligence by yourself. I have not moved ahead with it, but looks promising.

    Your price range is not in the VC spectrum. But it fits well with SBA loans. If you put 200K, technically you can get 5X loans from SBA at low interest.

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      Sure is . I will definitely check out , Being in Canada, I dont think I will have access to SBA loans, but I will find out Canadian equivalent programs. Can you tell me more about your success with acquiring companies in Flippa. Under 10K portfolio can be a gamble from what I gathered.

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    Are you expecting to buy out a founder, and operate the business yourself?

    Or are you looking to invest?

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      Yes, I am looking to buy out a founder and grow the business myself.