Growth May 31, 2020

[Call for proposals] Would you pay for this?

Catalin Ionescu @catalinionescu

Heya indie hackers 👋🏼

I need your help! I am working on a series of posts to help the community spread the word about the projects you are working on. Wanna help?

Please write a comment with:
✅ project name
✅ project website
✅ your twitter handle/business page handle
✅ a tweet's length description for your product
✅ how much do you plan to charge

I am extremely hyped to start doing this. My long-term vision is to gather user feedback for your pricing plan and help you make the best decisions.

As a bit of background, when I started working on my side-project, I had no idea how to price it. Then I read a great e-book (Don't just roll the dice by Neil Davidson) and followed the guidance there. I believe there's a lot of potentials to get user feedback before you make one of your greatest choices as an entrepreneur.

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      Seems super reasonable. My biggest concern would be to see what kind of styles are available. One thing I like about other logo makers is that they let you preview the logo before you purchase. The problem with those is that a lot of times the quality of the logo is kinda junk, haha. If I were to buy from you, I'd want to see all the styles of logos you can create.

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        What do you mean by "all the styles"?
        Yes, we want to create some mockups to let you see the logo in a realistic situation. That's definitely in our roadmap!

        Other logo generators provide poor quality logos because they take symbols from free databases and randomly associates them with colors & fonts. We create every design manually and make association based on the company persona!

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      $99 seem reasonable. I love the design and onboarding, I just felt a bit deceived at the end when I had to create an account to see the propositions (but I guess that's the game).

      1. 2

        Ahahah, yes that's the game! But we're working on a new version where you'll see some logos before signin up!

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    I'm gonna pitch a concept, rather than a product that I'm already working on:

    Description: order coffee to-go before even entering the store.
    Price: 3-10% of the total order.

    The idea is for independent coffee shops to gain more clientele, especially in areas where people are in a rush. Thoughts?

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      I saw a similar thing this morning, linked to from one of our local coffee shops:

      Seems fairly early in their evolution at the moment.

      I think it's a good idea, plus it's validated by the likes of Starbucks, etc - who already have pre-order apps.

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        Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

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    ✅ Konvo
    ✅ Konvo is a way to have a sharp, 1:1, 5-minute conversation (video chat) with someone about a topic you both love, or watch others do the same.
    ✅ No idea yet - I would appreciate any feedback on this.

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      It's a really neat idea! I'd probably try it out

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    1. Pinger
    4. Know when your site is down before your customers do 😎
    5. 10$/month
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      I like it. Couple of questions / comments:

      1. What does "Less words. Try it right now!" mean? And why is this not the top call to action? I feel like it would do better, no?
      2. Pricing seems kind of self-limiting. How may websites does one monitor? I feel like the price needs to be tied to some sort of scalable value. Do people monitor 30 websites? Is there some other metric that scales better so you don't cap yourself at 30?
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        Oh thank you!

        Less words - it's kind of online ping tool. I didn't put much attention to this, instead I worked more on screenshots

        Regarding price I'm redoing this right now, this is what it will look like

        You're completely right about pricing, I got many questions about this block

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      I love your website design. Beautiful graphics and copy.
      I am currently using Freshping with Zapier, they are free and support up to 50 URL.
      How will you compete with them?

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        Good question 🤔 The more competitors I find, the more demotivating I get :)

        Well, checked out their plans. I'm including all features in all plans, like custom HTTP settings, SSL certificate checks etc. I don't like the idea to have different functionality for different plans.

        So I guess they get money from users who need these additional features. Like SSL monitoring will cost 36$ paying yearly.

        Also I have telegram bot, and I plan to work on this, like make telegram/slack bots powerful.

        Anyway, do you need some functions which are not present? I'm currently doing research (yeah, when I've already build my app, I'm doing research, silly enough), so any suggestions are welcome

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    Remote Leaf
    @abinaya_rl, @remoteleaf
    ✅ Receive hand-picked remote jobs straight to your inbox.
    ✅ $10/Month and $100/Year

    1. 1

      That doesn't sound feasible. If I want to get remote job listings I'm probably unemployed or don't earn as much as I want to. Why would I pay to see some listings? And 99% of your users will cancel their subscription after they find a job.

      Maybe make it a paid job board, so employers can pay to post. But still hand-pick the ones you want to publish.

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        hmmm, I thought like that so initially but then proceeded to try it out. Now I've got a few customers and based of the feedback people really wanted to pay so that they can save x number of hours on a weekly basis and for curating the personalized remote jobs.

        True that people cancel the subscription after finding the job. But somebody is always looking for a job :) always I need to find new customers always. If I start provide better service, maybe I can expect it to grow via word-of-mouth. Let's see.

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    • Owlstown
    • @owlstown
    • The website builder for productive academics
    • Current monthly pricing: Basic - Free, Standard - $2, Plus - $4, Premium - $8

    Planning to change to: Basic - Free, Personal - $4, Professor - $8, Lab - $16

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    ✅ Growth Channel
    ✅ Personalized marketing planning solution. Get your instant marketing plan. Edit, collaborate & track progress.
    ✅ $99 per plan one-off download. $150/month for unlimited access

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    Amazing community. Thank you so much all for your replies. I will compile them into the project this week. Keep posted!

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    • Dytto
    • @dyttoco
    • offer/quote manager to reduce your negotiation overhead
    • $16/mo or $168/year
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    • Plyian
    • N/A
    • N/A
    • I'm sort of a debate between per request or subscription. What do you think?

    Is this product something you see using (as a business and/or customer).

    Thank you.

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    1. Remote Letter
    4. A newsletter for people working remotely
    5. $0 right now
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    Great idea @catalinionescu !

    ✅ Startup Sanctuary
    ✅ Helping creators and entrepreneurs build their business in the digital space.
    ✅ Not Confirmed yet. the range will probably be between $49-$69 per month.

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      Your landing page is little heavy. Took almost 10 s to load fully.

      1. 1

        Hi @prakashn. Thanks for this feedback. I will take a look into this. Seems to be loading alright on my end but I'll do some tests and try see what can be optimized. Appreciate the message. Thanks!

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    1. Marketing Qualified
    3. @MrktngQualified
    4. Marketing Qualified is an online learning environment for sales and marketing operations.
    5. $29-199
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    • Abyssale
    • @NxAbyssale
    • Automagically generate banners for your social posts and paid advertising campaigns. No design skills required.
    • Currently 30€ (beta). Then 42€ - 92€
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    ✅ project name: Landified
    ✅ project website:
    ✅ a tweet's length description for your product: Landified has one single purpose- validate your ideas before you build them (find them build method)
    On Landified each user can post about the problem he is trying to solve and his solution
    What make it special is that after submitting the post, the user automatically gets a beautiful landing page that can be easily changed by the user.

    The user can validate his idea by promoting his Landing page or by the other users comments on his post.
    ✅ how much do you plan to charge: Free for now. Maybe a custom domain will custom few bucks.

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    1. Facebook Ads Targeting 101
    4. Supercharge your Facebook ad campaigns by learning how to create the right audience, targeting funnels & best practices
    5. I have kept the pricing at 19$ (offering 20% discount with a code to early users)
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    ✅ BlockSurvey
    @WilsonBrightJ @blocksurvey
    ✅ Privacy focused surveys, polls & forms
    ✅ $10/Month and $84/Year

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      This comment was deleted 6 months ago.

      1. 1

        Thank you for this! Just corrected it :)

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    ✅ project name: BuildBubbles
    ✅ project website:
    ✅ your twitter handle/business page handle @maxlimsukhawat / @buildbubbles
    ✅ a tweet's length description for your product: Build Your Audience With Podcasts From Your WordPress Articles
    ✅ how much do you plan to charge: $49.99/month (for now)

  22. 1

    ✅ Bee Informed
    @brunoraljic, @beeinformed_app
    ✅ Subscription experience without involving/collecting any personal identifiers (emails, phone numbers) for your customer base
    ✅ $86/mo

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    🚀 Swipe Page
    🐦 @cogentgene / @SwipePage
    🗒️ A database of 200+ conversion optimization strategies
    💳 $57/annual , $87 lifetime, $1200 for custom audits.

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    Hi @catalinionescu, thank you for starting this thread. Here is my product:

    • dwata
    • @sumitdatta/Not yet
    • Manage business data, including SQL, APIs (Stripe, Mailchimp, etc), CMS, Workflow, Users in a single app
    • $5/user/month

    Thank you

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      Hey man, I checked out your landing page and wasn't even sure what the product is. And I have been a developer for 11 years. Is it like MySQL View across a bunch of services? If yes, perhaps make sense to explain what the developers will easily understand. And what's the use case here? What's the problem you are trying to solve?

      1. 1

        Hey there, thank you for the comment. This is not aimed at developers. Most small and mid sized companies have <10% developers. The rest of the people are constantly fighting to get access to the right data easily.

        Let's take an example - you run a marketplace where you onboard sellers after some verification process. The seller probably fills a multi step form, then your team checks the seller's social status, and reviews submissions. All these (forms, views, moderation) are non-customer facing code.

        Another one - lets say your marketing team wants to know how many customers are dropping off because their region is not served by your product but they have shown interest. So drilling into data and seeing users like a funnel flow.

        At the growth stage of a startup these are crucial work that affect the team. Investing into these mean spending time on non-customer facing tools. Does that make more sense? Hope that helps.

        A good example, since dwata is very immature, is ReTool. Another is Forest Admin.

        1. 1

          So basically you are enabling people to have UI for the data they specifically want. Since developers can do this but that costs time & Money, you are trying to aid in building that UI by simply connecting to the data sources' & letting them choose what data needs to be presented and how. Makes sense.

          I have used Google Data Studio build a few dashboards for clients.

          Good luck to you!

          1. 1

            Yes that is correct. But this is way beyond just UI for internal teams.

            For example the last German company I contracted for, I re-built their PHP backend for an admin tool that enables them to manage advertisement related specifications.

            They are a real time ad network and their staff constantly tweak parameters according to client needs. There are literally hundreds of parameters to tweak, tons of relations.

            These tools are being constantly made by companies since there are no generic off the shelf alternatives.

            The new-newed admin project was upwards of half million $ is cost.

            1. 2

              Great! The world can use your perspective, move forward! :)

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    ✅ Loggie
    ✅ A platform to monitor your web/mobile apps by sending logs with severity levels and get alert if something wrong happens
    ✅ $9/M

    1. 2

      Hey, Pricing seems high. I feel like anyone who actually thinks of using a dedicated logging service has decent traffic. Newbies are not upto this sort of a thing.
      And those people are looking to log a lot of things and that's what I feel is off with all these logging services.

      Unless you are aggregating and deriving metrics out of those log datas, I wouldn't even consider using any such service. I would prefer to roll out on mine or use an open source script to host it on AWS and simply pay for hosting costs.

      That being said, that's how I feel. Totally feel to ignore as long as you can find customers. My intention isn't to bring you down, but just to give you a perspective from my eyes. Good luck with building!

    2. 1

      People have a tons of logs. Your service has a weird positioning to me between AppSignal (automatic error and performance monitoring) let's say and (logs aggregator).

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    ✅ Simple-Scanner
    ✅ automated site/IP scanner with 2x month reports
    ✅ $15/month and $180/year. first 25 beta-testers, first month free

  27. 1

    ✅ Simpletasking
    ✅ @ estebs
    ✅ Multi-project management for remote teams
    ✅ $49 - $99 per month.

    1. 1

      I am unable to access your website

      1. 1

        thank you, had the link wrong.

  28. 1

    ✅ Hosted Status Page
    ✅ Status Page and Incidents Management with Automated Downtime Detection
    ✅ $14 during the public beta, $20 afterwards with more plans to come later.

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    ✅ project name:

    ✅ project website:

    ✅ your twitter handle: lakebed_io

    ✅ a tweet's length description for your product: The Lakebed app is a central hub to store your data from many different places. Use our Data Concierge or the app to quickly and easily create powerful dashboards, reports, and business applications.

    ✅ how much do you plan to charge: $100/hour for Data Concierge, $1,250/month for small business and non-profits, $2,500/month for large enterprise.

    Thanks for supporting the community!

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    This comment was deleted 4 months ago.

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