Beta Testing September 17, 2020

Calling all customers of Chinese shopping sites!


Hello everyone!

I'm looking for customers of Chinese shopping sites to help test my website. The main site contains product reviews and the forum is for product discussions.

I would appreciate it if you could take a few moments to navigate the links above and provide feedback.

It would be awesome if you have time and interest to take it a step further and sign up. The website is completely free to use and by signing up you are allowed to post product reviews and in the forum.

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    As I understand from landing your product is helping customer to decide on product based on your rating system and conversation with other customers. And so I think you should have integrated forum and main site.

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      Thanks for the feedback! Each review has a comment section beneath it for users to converse. The forums allow users to optionally tag products from the main site to discuss more broadly (i.e. not about a specific review but products). Products tagged in forums show up in right hand sidebar (bottom sidebar on mobile) under "Latest Posts for Product" when viewing a product.

      Do you think this is a good approach? I might work on a video to demo this functionality and put it on the landing page for clarity.

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        I think forum is redundant. Nobody will go back and forth between two places with too similar functionality.

        Video is good idea if you can communicate your main sell points.

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    I use Aliexpress and visited your site, but I only see 1 product.

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      Thanks for visiting the site. I plan on adding more product reviews. The site and forum are a bit empty as of now since there are no other members.

      Do you think I should add all the product reviews ASAP and then space out when I post links to them on social media such as reddit?

      If you have the time I would really appreciate it if you try to sign up and create a product review for anything you have bought off AliExpress.

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