April 16, 2019

Calling all UK based not-for-profit organisations / CSR teams

Sam A @Adisa

My app is basically ready (probably over cooked actually) for a public beta launch.

I am starting off with the U.K. market only (but open to advice / opinions on this). All sectors are welcome. So far I have a couple of faith based organisations on there, but need to validate with a wider user/customer base.

I would like to open up my app/service to anyone that wants to raise money through donations. Introductory offer will be very a discounted fee of 1% over Stripe’s fee of 1.4%, and no monthly cost.

Please please do get in touch if this is of interest to you! I need all the feedback I can get.

Thanks in advance!

Landing page: Yoodonate.com

App: app.yoodonate.com


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    Congratulations on launching. Looks interesting.

    I found the literally hidden monthly fees confusing. I think you need to just show them. It took me a while to figure out what was going on.

    What's the story behind the £9 fee for adding a widget to a website? Is that monthly or one-off? Why not just include it in the monthly fee?

    JustGiving are your main competitors so it would be useful to see at a glance why I'd choose your service over theirs. I'm involved in a small local charity and we're unhappy with JustGiving's fees and their poorly designed UI. Your website looks nicer but your monthly fees are considerably higher. If your service works out cheaper at some level (I think they charge 5% across the board), a worked example with figures might help convince people to sign-up.

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      On the pricing point, I think it's worth clarifying a bit further. Would love to hear your thoughts on it.

      My pricing:
      Starter plan: £0 monthly for up to £1,000 in donations at 5% + 20p per transaction
      Essential plan: £39 monthly for up to £5,000 in donations at 4% + 20p (£60k per year)
      Scaling plan: £79 monthly for up to £10,000 in donations at 3% + 20p (£120k per year)
      Custom plan: Anything over £10,000 monthly

      £15 monthly for up to £15k per year.
      £39 monthly for donations totalling over 15k per year.
      Plus 5% of the gift aid amount claimed. Transaction fee of 1.9%+20p per

      Justgiving has just scrapped the 5% platform fee on all donations in the last few weeks, which now makes them more competitive, but not as competitive as my pricing, especially at scale.

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      Thanks for the feedback.

      Regarding the hidden/difficult to find monthly fees, were you viewing from a mobile or desktop?

      The £9 fee fo the widget was originally going to be included in the monthly fee, but I got advice from various podcasts / SAAS experts that sometimes an add-on is best for something that isn't necessarily valuable to the wider customer base. Technically I don't really have enough customers yet so I may just include in the monthly price to keep things simple.

      At the free tier, I'm cheaper than just giving for sure, so I think you're right, I should probably include a comparison.

      Lastly, my fees aren't set in stone, so would be interested in your view on what your small local charity would be prepared to pay for something like this.

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        I was looking at your site on a desktop with a wide screen. I've just looked again on a different computer and the prices show up fine. It looks like beyond a certain width they don't show until you hover over the lists, and previously I was scrolling with the cursor near the scrollbar so not over the content.

        This is just my opinion but for me the add-on fee for the widget sends the wrong message. I'm finding it difficult to articulate exactly why but when you're already charging per transaction and per month, it feels like it's something that should be included (if it drives more transactions we'll both benefit anyway).

        The difficulty in targeting non-profits as customers is that they don't want to pay for things if they can avoid it. I'm certainly more averse to spending our charity's money than I am my own or my company's.

        The way we were using JustGiving we would sometimes have a lot of money (five figures) to process in a short period, and we weren't happy without how much they were skimming off. Then we'd have months were we wouldn't take enough to cover the monthly fee. We were in the process of switching to BT's MyDonate service when BT shut it down recently.

        Gift Aid processing is by some distance the most useful feature that services like yours offer to UK charities. If you had Gift Aid processing for your "free" tier it would be a no-brainer for small charities, even if you upped the payment processing fee to 7.5% or set lower transaction limits - just as long as we end up with more than if we hadn't processed the Gift Aid. Without Gift Aid we can get by with Paypal or similar if need be.

        1. 2

          That’s certainly a lot of food for thought. I really appreciate it. Seems the gift Aid processing is an important service to offer.

          And as for the add-on for the widget, your rationale makes a lot of sense so I’ll be making a change to the pricing.

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    I used to work for a charity - first thing I was looking for was gift aid - I saw it was there but had to work a little to find it.

    Really pretty landing page - looks very credible, nice work.

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      Thank you for the kind feedback. I'll experiment with ways to make the gift-aid section more prominent.