Growth February 27, 2020

Can I buy Email database for quick growth?


Would you buy a targeted lead email database for quick growth?
What is your success on this?

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    Buying and using these kind of lists gives you a false sense of growth. It's also impossible to know whether the data was sourced ethically. You think you are getting value, but really it's super hard to establish any kind of real contact with people on these kind of lists. You would be better off trying to focus on connecting with the people you need to connect with and getting them to opt into a conversation with you.

    I personally delete or report these kind of messages as spam. Whereas if someone emails me with a custom message then I will at least pay some attention.

    How you start a business often defines how it will live on. If you start with what many people consider spam messages, that is how people will view you forever.

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      I agree 100% as well. It's really an illusion. You want to face the hard truth early. Truth is that when you first launch, it's probable that nobody will want your product. And that's okay, you now know what to fix & what to build from first few feedback.

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      Makes complete sense!!!
      I agree 100%

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    I would not. Because the way that those are acquired is questionable and possibly even illegal in some countries. I hate it when someone even offers to sell me one via cold mail.

    You can search for almost anyone on Linkedin or other social media. Not sure there is much need for a list unless you plan to spam mail and get mostly unopened results.

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      Yes.., I understand.

      I couldnt able to target certain kind of people in Linkedin. Like Youtubers specifically for Crypto Industry. Journalist who write about Crypto startups. Same goes with bloggers. I found very difficult to get these details. Any tool recommendations?

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        You can definitely find their details somewhere. How do you think they make those lists in the first place?

        I would do it by hand a few times. Get name -> search -> look for what channels they are in -> try to connect with them about your idea.

        I think there are a bunch of tools out there for this, I do not really trust any so have not paid for any of them.

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          I have the dilemma of whether to go with a list or not. They have an extensive list. But not sure about authenticity. But they got good reviews - Still I am in the middle!! ;(

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    You are welcome to ignore the people guiding you to think about the legal and ethical issues, but I just wanted to throw my two cents in here before you buy it or hit send.

    Can you confirm these email addresses were collected legally with respect to GDPR, CaCPA, etc and each user was informed their email address would be collected, sold, or transferred to another company/person for future solicitation? I'm just going to take a wild stab here and say, if it's a Crypto list, likely not.

    The consequences, if someone were to chose to send you a DSAR, can be quite time consuming and expensive. If privacy laws apply to you, you have "no choice but to respond to such requests in a timely manner".

    Crypto is a fun, wild west world, and it has some interesting characters across the whole spectrum...and it's possible someone in that space will just want to mess with you, file a few DSAR's, and make your life a bit more complicated legally just for the lulz.

    If it's worth it to you, then you're all good. Just want to make sure you are aware that legally, these types of activities - that historically people could get away with without repercussion - are riskier than they use to be even a year ago, back when we all use to just say "go for it".

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      Awesome!!! - Just curious - How come Growbots and Growlabs can sell the contact info without having any legal issues?

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        TBH, it's not my specialty, so I don't really know, but I do have to speak with Privacy experts occasionally as I work through various policies, data processing agreements, etc. for my businesses. So I've at least been briefed on the current state of affairs and how much has changed since GDPR.

        I imagine if they have a few lawyers, they can come up with a reason it's legal with the new laws and hope the authorities agree. But again, this is all so new that no two lawyers can even agree on what "Personally Identifiable Information" actually is yet. It's a bit in flux as of 2020.

        Hopefully, the only legal challenges go to the large companies (that are actually the ones abusing the PII in the first place) with the big legal teams and they finally hammer out what the rules are, but that doesn't mean someone can't harass you at the same time and I wouldn't want that to happen to you at all. So just wanted to make sure you knew it's more of a risk than it was 18 months ago.

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    of course. But depends from who, and where the seller got the emails.
    from scraping ? forum ? partnership ? sharing list ?
    and you can use the email to send cold-email, or use the emails to make a fb ads audience..

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      Yes.., CryptoCrowd.Co is the provider. They got some decent reviews in industry. Not sure, how they acquired their list. But it is very extensive.

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    Don't listen to naysayers and go for it but only if this is a highly targeted list and the message you send is relevant to them.

    I don't mind to get cold emails if this is something I am interested in. Otherwise it's a plain spam and likely going to land in my spam folder.

    Introduce yourself within one sentence and say why you are reaching out - perfectly you want to point something related to what I do, my work/life.

    If it resonates with me and it's something I need, I will definitely reply or in worst case, bookmark your message and loop back when the time is better.

    Another tip: I appreciate follow ups. Most of the cold emails I get are one-time message and I never hear from these people again (which only reaffirm the fact it was a pointless blast).
    Not that my inbox is craving for more emails but following up with me showing me that you actually have something I should pay attention to.

    Bonus points if you make me laugh or make me thinking how awesome email I just got.


    👉 Don't just grab a list and blast an email: do some research on those leads before you hit that "Sent" button.

    👉 Personalize the message. The personalised "name" won't make a cut in 2020

    👉 Keep it short, sweet and to the point

    👉 Follow up, at least 3-4 times if needed.

    👉 Make it unique so they can remember you

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      All are sniper shots. Excellent insights!!! @unstoppable
      Thank you!!!

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    Your domain will be blacklisted

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    Steer Clear.