Ideas and Validation April 9, 2020

Can I have some feedback on some stock market educational content?

Beekey Cheung @ProfessorBeekums

I made an introduction to stock markets guide recently :

I would love to know what everyone thinks of it and whether it is useful to them or possibly someone they know.

Don't quite have a product yet, but I'm hoping to build a mailing list first with quality content that has a lot of substance.

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    I had this idea a while back so I'm really happy to see someone finally doing this. Are you planning to do a break-down of topics across the spectrum or just finance?

    I went through the stock market piece and it's really useful. You put in a lot of effort and it shows. One minor correction: You say Whenever a company spends money by investing in the business or gives the money back to shareholders, that activity counts as an expense. but I don't think giving money back to shareholders is counted as an expense (eg. dividends are not considered an expense). But apart from that, a very informative page :)

    If you don't mind, I have a couple more suggestions. I feel like you have a good raw idea but:

    • The page looks a little cluttered so I'd space out the text a little more (line spacing could be 1.5)
    • FontFamily makes a huge difference aesthetically so I'd recommend choosing a good font (some suggestions: Montserrat, Lora, Ubuntu etc)
    • I agree with visq that I'd consider giving it a shorter name

    Good luck with this!

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      Appreciate the feedback!

      I think you're right about dividends not counting against net income. I will fix that.

      My end goal is to do a range of topics. I'm probably going to focus on technology and economics at first because those are my specialties. My next topics will probably cover what money is, the potential (or lack of) threat of AI on the job market, and an introduction to programming. At some point I will branch out into other areas, but I will need contributors at that point.

      I agree that my font choice isn't the best. I just made a quick choice, will definitely check out some of your suggestions! Thanks.

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    Great work! Lots of content there. I didn't read through the whole thing but as someone who invests and likes to know more information about it, this is well done.

    The design itself is great. I would recommend a different name for it and it'll be more marketable.

    Building an email list will be great, I would also make a facebook page and group so that people can "socialize" about trading stocks geared towards newcomers. Add the facebook like button to the page and them slowly and slowly introduce a product or if you go the affiliate route, an affiliate offer and make a commission.

    I will sign-up for your email list.

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      Also would like to add that the name itself isn't bad, however, shorter names are easier to remember :)

      Like Dynostocks or Dynotrade or a whole new name that could mean educational info of stocks.

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        Thanks for the feedback! I'm not super concerned about the name yet. Trading stocks is an initial guide, but I do plan on covering topics outside of investing.

        Will definitely look into the Facebook angle. Appreciate the idea.

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    This is really great. I wish I had something like this 10 years ago!

    @_abhi hit a few of these points but I'll make them again for emphasis:

    1. The long format of the page is, well, daunting. If I'm just dipping my toes into something, seeing a single page this long is going to be a big turn off. I want to be able to read through content at my own pace (probably over the course of several days or weeks) and be able to easily come back to where I previously left off.
    2. The font is not great, but really, the entire design is pretty rough. It kind of looks like someone exported a Word document into HTML. You could really gain a lot by finding a designer to help you out. I understand you're doing this on the cheap, but a more consistent look/feel will make this feel much more polished.
    3. I would actually say the name/domain doesn't matter at all right now. Very few people will need to remember your domain until you become a much larger content repository -- they're going to find you by SEO or backlinks. So, to that end, focus a lot on building SEO authority. Unfortunately, that's a really tough/competitive market. Ranking high for "how does the stock market work?" is going to be tough.
    4. Not really sure what your end game is here, but this might be a tough way to make much money. There's not enough content to charge a subscription and it will take a long time to get enough traffic to make money from affiliates or ads.
    5. Honestly, something else you might consider is turning this into a video series for Udemy, Lynda, Coursera, Skillshare, etc.

    Good work so far!

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