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Can Someone Audit my Youtube Channel?

Joseph Echavarria @josephech

I've been creating videos for about 5 years now on and off and I think I've been falling into the trap of being frustrated with not seeing real growth.
I understand that personality is probably the biggest factor as to why people watch (at least it is for me) but other than that,

What can I do better to attract more eyes on my videos?

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    Nice one! Keep up your content, it's always insightful to see how other designers undertake their workflow!

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      Thanks! I appreciate it!

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    So your playlist page has

    • Fitness
    • Music
    • "interesting stuff" - cooking image
    • Study to be an architect?
    • "Life as a designer" is this architect design? interior design? other design?...
    • "How to" shows a shirt pocket and pan, what's the topic here?

    Niche down and/or split channels...
    Browsing on videos page, I also see lifestyle stuff, football...

    Posting Frequency isn't very consistent or fresh:

    • 1 week, 2 weeks, 2 month, 4 months, 11 months..

    "architecture school" seems to be the thing that got you the most views, 40k views across 3 videos

    Can see a distinct difference in the image for the videos with high views - complex, planned (not cluttered) with text on it vs most of the others, that are of a lesser planning quality I think

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      Thanks for your feedback! I wasn't aware that all of those playlists are visible, I thought I set them to private. I have 3 main playlists that I upload videos to and they are
      -Life of a designer (vlog style, day to day stuff as my life as a designer and trying to become an architect)
      -Architecture School Chronicles (Where I documented my time in grad school studying architecture)
      -4DBD (where I create tutorials and info for young designers in the field of architecture)

      Posting frequency has been pretty inconsistent and that's due to the fact that since I'm no longer in school (my main content and reason for filming) I'm shifting what my focus and trying to figure that out. I'm hoping to get enough feedback to be able to push me into this new journey as to "Why" I'm filming again.


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        The why is an important part.
        That should be internal, it can't really be provided to you by others for long term affect

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    I think it's super cool that you are creating a youtube channel focused around architecture, that's really unique! I'd say continuing to find your unique voice and brand as you are already. This is super small but the first video on your home should be short and sweet, a quick intro to you and what people can expect on your page. To make them want to see more. I'd recommend making a shorter more grabby video for there :)

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      You're right, my current intro video is a bit long. I'll get on that intro video!

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    Hi Joseph,

    Trust me, I feel ya.
    There's so much info out there about how to grow your channel. There are quite a few very good youtubers that will explain this in quite a bit of detail - here's a few tips I compiled :

    I did take a peek at your latest video and all I can say is congrats: the video is crystal clear, the audio is perfect, and background music is cool, so you are definitely on the right path.

    On reddit, there's a subreddit where you can ask for a "channel critique" -

    You'll need to do 4 reviews yourself, but it's a small price to pay for the info you'll get.


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      Your points on titles and thumbnails on your reddit post are what I've actually been working on these last few days. As I mentioned below, my channel is shifting a bit and I feel that finding a way to represent this through clear thumbnails will be key.

      Thanks for the feedback on the videos, I'll jump onto the reddit group and see if I can get feedback there as well but thanks for taking the time to help!

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        Awesome, glad to help. Good luck!

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    Who is your audience?

    What other videos do they watch? What interests them?

    You are gaining subs and views consistently. Screenshot from Imgur here ->

    I would update your header. It seems vague and doesn't tell people what you do.

    I would also try to find trends and connect them to your topic.

    For example "Architecture reacts to 'Inception'"

    Or "Architecture sketches from 2 years ago vs today"

    Or "Day In the life of architecture student" - You did one of these before and it did well. Do it again.

    Or "Architecture Office Tour"

    If you like making videos keep going.

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      Hey Josh, thanks for your feedback!

      You asked a question that I've been struggling with for a bit and that's Who is your audience. I think my channel is at a point where it's growing and it's in a pivot because I'm no longer in architecture school so my main audience is no longer strictly other students. Now it's becoming more about the lifestyle of becoming an architect and the documenting of that journey. I guess now the audience gets a lot bigger and becomes anyone interested in becoming an architect.

      Finding trends and capitalizing on them is something I need to get better at. All of the ideas you mentioned are great and I'd watch those videos but I just need to create that content.

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    Hey Joseph. I love this topic.

    I've only watched 15 seconds of your Architecture video. And all I can say this, if you're feeling doubt and frustration...

    Keep. Making. Videos.

    You are correct in using the word "trap." It is a trap. I've been in the trap. Everyone's been in the trap. Seth Godin has a different word for this. He calls it, "The Dip."

    I can already see that you have the passion for the medium and the subject. If you like it, why are you frustrated? Are you frustrated for not getting the growth you feel you deserve?

    Understandable. A friend of mine, who's also experienced these feelings, created a video that I highly recommend you watch. It's short. He doesn't have a lot of viewers, either. His name is Chris Jordan (him and I explore these topics on an upcoming episode of my podcast, too. I opened up to him about my frustrations with growing my content as well.) - Chris Jordan on "Why I want to Create"

    and this one, too - "Why I'm Building in Public"

    Looking through your channel, I can see that you've started (and maybe stopped) a lot of different ideas for video projects. Again, you've got the passion man. I can see some big numbers, too.

    I'm starting to think that starting isn't so hard. But continuing? Pushing past the traps and dips? That's difficult as hell. And that's what you're struggling with, I think. But the answer, as far as I can see, is found by asking yourself what you really enjoy doing. How happy are you when you're making these videos? Do that more! If you're unhappy checking the numbers, stop! It's that simple. Easy? No. But it's simple. Hard? Of course. But it's necessary. Absolutely necessary.

    Seeing you put out all these videos, enjoying the process, it's inspired me. Who cares about numbers? As long as we enjoy the work, that's all that matters. Cliche? Yes. But it's true.

    What can you do to attract more eyes? Make more videos worth capturing people's attention. Keep doing you. Do. You. Please.

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      @PaulLeCrone All of the points you made are spot on, I love making videos but at times I'm just upset with the growth of my channel when I see other channels giving out less info and performing better than I am.

      I get this comment pretty often and it's what prompted this post and it's
      "The fact that you make such good content but still get so few views is heart wrenching."

      Starting isn't hard for me, it's keeping it going and trying to reassure myself that this is something people would find value in. I gave the videos you linked a watch and it's good to hear from others that are in the same boat, thanks!

      Hopefully this is just a dip but I'll definitely be making more videos and having fun doing it!

      Thanks again!

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        There are a lot of artists out there, I mean seriously, a lot of artists that produce some of the most beautiful music in the world, but they don't top the charts.

        Consider Seth Godin's Podcast, hitsville

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          Thanks! I'll give it a listen. Hope to update y'all on my channel in a few months!

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