Ideas and Validation October 28, 2020

Can we rent nocode template like a saas product ? Build a template then rent it per user ? Did you ever see this happened?

Alexandre Durand-Chabert @Airparty

Even with a setup fee at the beginning, then X$ / user per month


X$ per month just for the rent of the template + maintenance + helpdesk ?

What do you think of this model ?

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    Would love to chat more about this, we have a no code builder

    You could build no code templates on top of it. Then let only your customers use that template.

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      Hi Volkan, I'm with, a design directory that connects UX/UI/graphic designers to a suite of tools best meet their needs.
      Versoly looks very interesting (I love using no-code builders). I want to add Versoly to the directory database that I'm building.
      Would you be interested in that?

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        Please do :)

        We also built that designers love to use!

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          That's even better! Please complete this Product Form here for founders. Versoly and SaaS Pages will be automatically added to the database. Thank you.

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              Received, thanks again! I'll let you know when I launch.

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