Can you help me validate my MVP? - Discount for you

Hi everyone!

I just finished my MVP and I would like to get some feedback, it's a desktop app(right now working only on windows, we have plans to release it for macOS after some validation).

You can check it out at: https://savedreplies.io


This is mostly intended for people who do support or do marketing/sales on social media/forums and other types of sites like the one mentioned, and who don't want to write the same message over and over again.

You may ask yourself what are saved replies?

Saved Replies (or canned responses, how some people/companies call them) are responses that you create around your frequently asked questions. Using Saved Replies can reduce response times by saving yourself from typing out the same answers over and over again. For example your pricing information, refund policy, and answers to complex questions.

PS: If you're interested I can even give you a discount coupon guys, looking for your feedback

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    Hey MMike,

    Brilliant idea. I really like the concept and I know that there is a huge market for something like SavedReplies. Congrats on building it! 👏

    I honestly think the landing page could be much better. It doesn't feel directed towards conversion. It could be a great productivity tool if branded and marketed right. Something like https://tryshift.com or https://www.loom.com/ (Branding- and the whole product feels more solid from a user's perspective).

    All the best to the growth! Would love to help you out with design. 😃


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      Hi, thank you for the feedback, I've just took a look at the websites you've suggested as an example, I like the shift landing page, but I find loom page a bit hard to navigate, even though it's pretty interesting and interactive.

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