Landing Page Feedback May 27, 2019

Can you please help improve my product

Murendeni Mukwevho @iammurendeni

Hello World,

I've been working on a music sharing called and I believe this is the right place to get honest feedback so that I can improve the service.

I've also been thinking on adding music streaming functionality, but I cant get a good nodejs package to use, if any of you know any, please suggest it.


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    I'm not your TA but I believe music streaming or, at least, letting people listening to a fragment is vitally important. Nobody wants to download the whole piece without knowing if it's good or not.
    Btw, what about copyright?

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      I'd Like to have music streaming on the site, But I need an efficient nodejs package to use.

      As for the copyright, I am busy drafting the document for that. and the idea is to have only the song owner upload their songs, not just anyone

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        You can start not from streaming but from very simple frontend music player just to play a fragment. There is a ton of free players can be found on the Internet.

        and the idea is to have only the song owner upload their songs, not just anyone
        Got it.

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          Thank you very much

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    Very cool!

    Easy to understand, sraight to the point; it just works👍

    As @Zencentric mentioned, a streaming sample of the music would be ideal to help in deciding if we like the music before downloading.

    Keep up the good work ⚡✌

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      Thank you, I'd also want to put that functionality on the site, if you have any suggestion of the node package or example I can use, I'd appreciate it

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    What is the value proposition here? As a musician, why should I upload my music to your site asap?

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      Easy way of uploading your music and sharing at no cost for you and your fans. And it is easier for your fans to download your music because everything they need to download is there, no extra steps.

      And in the future, I plan to have a streaming which wont need your fans to have any subscriptions.

      And if you have any ideas on how I can improve this for my users, I'd really love to hear them. Thank you

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        Have at least a dozen musicians told you that they have issues sharing their music on sites like Soundcloud?

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          Yes, I've had few. The reason why I started this site was because few of my friends who're aspiring musicians kept asking me to upload and share music for them on other platform like soundcloud, then thats when I thought how about I create a platform that will be easy for them to navigate around.

          I am from a rural area in South Africa so most of the guys I grew up with are not exposed to how the internet works, hence they asked me for assistance. Now with musicbrackts I hope they find it easy to share their art

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    How is the front page sorted?

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      By Latest Uploads